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A few of my steam friends actually know it, kill me   Malaysia
hi, I'm officially looking for pro div 1 team (if no go to i61, I no join) (no clickbait) (REAL). My friends said im really pro at scout (feeding). So if u want a pro scout on your team like me, you've come to the right place, I can offer memes in your discord constantly, I work as full time memer, but if I join your team u need to pay me 100 dollar/month. Now, now, I know you're all excited to have me in your team right now, but I'm kinda busy with schedules, I gotta sleep by my bedtime (or my mom would spank me). So if you want a really pro scout be sure to look for my manager (rustic) he has bad temper and personality so he might bite (BE CAREFUL, HE WILL BITE). There's also this REALLY pro soldier named traffic soldier, he can carry anything, he's literally better than Benny no joke, your team will fly through the map if he's in your team, just be sure to use the most competitive weapons if u want me to join your team (E.g. pomson, force a nature, soda popper, sandman and guillotine(for pro BLU FRAGZZ), crit a cola, backscatter of course the best scattergun, make sure your secondary weapon is mantreads(best secondary by far), melee ofc market gardener, also primary Rockey jumper(it deals an absurd amount of dmg), if u run full pyro then you're better than Benny instant, just make sure your primary is the phlog)

Also, some tips for u newbie players, if u really want to get better, just make sure u don't have the installed at all, just play overwatch, that game is better anyway

(I'm running out of ideas help)

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Season 19 and 20 UGC Steel: High Ping (roster riding skillz)
AFC 11: OTCD (eh it was bad, but I had fun)
Current hl team: K9 (glhf to everyone)
Current 6s team: Divine (rustic: if not bann, u guys would lose)

Akshay: lol
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Pepsy: what

TWS]::::[:::::::::::::::::> : soo noob newbie many afk fucking kid mother fucker bitcher child team

Dileep : did i rekt your fuck?

opt. Milkyway left the game (Vac banned in real life!)

rustic: god I'm so handsome

hiro: I put that on my small vagina

zysf: "he's such a jok3r."

Hiro: Ill eat ur kangaroo

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omae wa mo....shindeiru Aug 11 @ 3:28am 
karamell Aug 11 @ 2:49am 
you're not giving me memes in my discord
i will cut down your payment to 50 cents per month
omae wa mo....shindeiru Aug 9 @ 8:16am 
it was real tho
karamell Aug 9 @ 6:03am 
don't hurt him he's very sensitive :(
legendary dm guy Aug 9 @ 5:26am 
Its not hiro or Hiro its h1ro smh fake ass quotes
exiled Aug 5 @ 3:58am 
heavy main *jazz hands*