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✨Ewari 💖≈ 3 marca o 8:10 
I failed the realize the word "Dynamic" , the answer was right there in the gif. Its not that you can select a specific color, it rotates the colors on its own just as the gif shows. :mgnome:
💜 boifu 💜 2 marca o 4:32 
You guys have made some pretty dope looking skins and cosmetics for KF2. Great work!

I have a quick question about the neon skins RGB shader though. Will it allow us to choose between solid colours for the neon skin or will it cycle through various colours?
Flammable 1 marca o 9:53 
Vietnam and Junkyard skins are the best! :Dosh:
Bfy 28 lutego o 23:32 
Good skins my nigger.
ST0PxistingN0W 27 lutego o 17:19 
\/ What that person said \/
✨Ewari 💖≈ 26 lutego o 1:08 
I saw your new Neon weapons. Absolutely voted yes. Big fan of your other neon ones, have them all in mint. However i have a question, the preview images mention an RGB Shader, is that a system that will be implemented soon or is it already available with a few tweaks with the current neon weapons?