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✨Ewari 💖≈ 3. mars @ 8:10 
I failed the realize the word "Dynamic" , the answer was right there in the gif. Its not that you can select a specific color, it rotates the colors on its own just as the gif shows. :mgnome:
Mugger 2. mars @ 4:32 
You guys have made some pretty dope looking skins and cosmetics for KF2. Great work!

I have a quick question about the neon skins RGB shader though. Will it allow us to choose between solid colours for the neon skin or will it cycle through various colours?
Flammable 1. mars @ 9:53 
Vietnam and Junkyard skins are the best! :Dosh:
Bfy 28. feb. @ 23:32 
Good skins my nigger.
ST0PxistingN0W 27. feb. @ 17:19 
\/ What that person said \/
✨Ewari 💖≈ 26. feb. @ 1:08 
I saw your new Neon weapons. Absolutely voted yes. Big fan of your other neon ones, have them all in mint. However i have a question, the preview images mention an RGB Shader, is that a system that will be implemented soon or is it already available with a few tweaks with the current neon weapons?