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Motormouth 18.1. kello 22.09 
hi, i'm trying to use substance painter 2 to make textures for objects for my kf maps, but i can't figure out how to correctly export them so they're in one single diffuse and normalmap so they work in kf2's udk.
if you could let me know how you do it, or point me towards somewhere that shows how to do it, i'd be very grateful
Hessra 15.1. kello 3.39 
Awesome skins dude, top notch !
cheesedanish72 3.1. kello 4.20 
Good job on the KF2 cosmetics/skins. Hope you make a skin for the M16 M203. GLHF!
[ ROA ] Vanilla Princess 31.12.2017 kello 17.20 
:ai_wormhole::ai_wormhole::ai_wormhole::Aegg::Antibody::Antibody::Antibody::Aegg::theorb::Aegg::Aggressive::Aggressive::Aggressive: :PulseG::PulseG::PulseG: 𝓗𝓐𝓟𝓟𝓨 𝓝𝓔𝓦 𝓨𝓔𝓐𝓡
ALEXINATOR 888 YT 20.12.2017 kello 9.38 
Nice mods for killing floor 2 :kovaccry:
Toxicomano 18.12.2017 kello 8.50 
i love the heirloom skins, i cant wait for it good job