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All I do is win win win, NO MATTER WHAT.

people never getting ct J days: rufus, rootcat, dinos2dope, tunesia, munki, peekuh, panda, n3ro, ples, BakedPotato, kingputters, floopy, timmy Ibrah, dreamhack, dax rose, gleam, ghoul/forgiven

And Jesus said "Its okay if its in a three way. Its not gay if its in a three way. With a honey in the middle there's some leeway." - Matthew 7:12

10:15 PM - faggot #21: I'm getting cancer reading the old comments on my profile
10:15 PM - faggot #21: why did people talk to me
10:16 PM - Iherdcows: its like
10:16 PM - Iherdcows: you're a girl
10:16 PM - Iherdcows: on the interent
10:16 PM - faggot #21: oh ya I forgot about that
10:16 PM - Iherdcows: LOL
10:17 PM - faggot #21: wtf i forgot that i was a girl on the internet

10:20 PM - I Bhizzle to the Schizzle: adawdadwadawdawdadawyoufuckingblowkidawdadawdafasdasgdshshdhj
10:21 PM - qp: ^
10:21 PM - qp: pretty much my lfe
10:21 PM - I Bhizzle to the Schizzle: look near the middle
10:21 PM - qp: OH SHIT

2:42 PM - Matty: what chu eaatin
2:42 PM - Matty: and is it burned?
2:43 PM - kalie: girl cheese :D
2:43 PM - Matty: GIRL CHEESE
2:43 PM - Matty: WAT
2:43 PM - kalie: yes
2:43 PM - kalie: i put a lady on my sandwich

10:13 PM - sG | Drop Bows on em' [ADV]: im bored
10:14 PM - ✿ܓkitten: im shit
10:14 PM - ✿ܓkitten: ASDGFH
10:14 PM - ✿ܓkitten: I MEAN
10:15 PM - ✿ܓkitten: TRED
10:15 PM - ✿ܓkitten: I DK WHY
10:15 PM - ✿ܓkitten: I SAID
10:15 PM - ✿ܓkitten: SHIT

I was afk, someone said this:
Jeannie ❤: cows 2 busy fucking milking breast rip 2k16

*DEAD* sG | MistaChang [SO] : im going to leave if he keeps screeming
*DEAD* Ayee : u mean sure?
*DEAD* sG | Iherdcows : what
*DEAD* sG | h2o.demon : what

๑ﭥ snail?
"its a pennsylvania" - Piplup talking about a peninsula.
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Fapping to trap porn is the least gay thing there is. If you fap to gay porn, that's 2 guys, and that's 100% gay. If you fap to 'straight' porn, then that has a woman, sure, but you're also fapping to a guy, which makes it 50% gay. But a trap is like half male, half female, and thus a trap with a girl would add up to 75% girl, and thus only 25% gay. 2 women would be ideal, but that would be a lesbian relationship, which brings it around to gay again.
Presto Jun 26 @ 1:42am 
still waiting
Presto Jun 13 @ 4:19pm 
lol come on jeeezies
Presto Jun 7 @ 5:54am 
Still waiting
Presto May 27 @ 9:59pm 
I literally have no other way to contact you or SG. I'm banned from team speak, steam group, website everything. From what I understand It's been 6 months. So I can re-appeal my ban. You helped me last time which I appreciated. Can you or someone else add me on steam friends and help me appeal again THANKS
Presto May 27 @ 11:45am