spreading traps throughout sea
Andrei/-ideknoo   Philippines
it's eye-deh-knew.
add me if you want idc
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i guess you can call me idek
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traps aren't gay if you choose to get caught
AFC 10 Div 3 - LL1c (Roamer) Disbanded
AFC 11 Div 3 4th - Open Minds (Medic) 4-2-1
AFC 12 Div 3 - Open Minds/bb pharren (Medic)
UGC S24 12th - Open Minds (Medic) 3-5 xd
is hl fun?
UGC S21 9th - Weebs in Disguise (Medic/Scout) 4-4
UGC S22 7th (+5-8th Playoffs) - Weebs in Disguise (Medic) 4-5
UGC S11 10th - Weebs in Disguise (All Class Sub) 3-5 xd
tbh im just a subpar jumper main

HUD: 7HUD [huds.tf]
Monitor: Philips PHL 223V5 @ 60 Hz
Mouse: Zowie FK2 w/ Razer Mouse Bungee
Mousepad: Steelseries QcK+ owo
Headset: Logitech G230
Keyboard: Ducky One TKL w/ Cherry MX Brown Switches
Sensitivity settings:
800 dpi
2.5 in-game sensitivity
1 windows multiplier
8.2 in/360
i use konrwings too
some trash here [i.gyazo.com]

5/22/17 - 2000 hrs
can merc as med/scout/feed roamer anytime, pocket/demo too if u want a burden
oh btw i play love live school idol festival too: 144753987
i dream to be ainya primus

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last played on Jul 25
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hes Jul 24 @ 4:11am 
added for scrim :3
nooni Jul 20 @ 7:43am 
the character's name is dia dumb shit smh
nooni Jul 19 @ 8:12am 
-marideknoo - Today at 11:02 PM
when u cant jojoke properly feelsbadman
DAGREEKHUNTER LF Animators Jul 13 @ 5:29pm 
Added to see if i can join ur team in Asia fortress team.
VVOVVOCHU Jul 2 @ 2:24am 
can i be a sub on ur team in AFC