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tbh iced cappuccinos suck and I recommend iced lattes instead.
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TF2 Competitive Experience
UGC Highlander season 15: Starting Engineer for Surprise Nuclear Polar Bears (4-3 Steel)
UGC Highlander season 17: Starting Engineer/then sub/then heavy for the last match on TeamSpoooky (7-1, 2nd seeded Steel)
UGC Highlander season 18: Starting Engineer for Squanto Squad for playoffs (10-2, 2nd place Steel)
UGC Highlander season 19: Starting Engineer for Disappointments per Minute (8-4, 2nd place Silver)
UGC Highlander season 20: Starting Engineer for Shooting Blanks (left week 7)
UGC Highlander season 20: Backup Engineer/Pyro for Slammin' Jammers (11-1, 1st place Gold)
UGC Highlander season 21: Hot Korean cheerleader for Slammin' Jammers (don't-care Plat)
UGC Highlander season 23: ???????????????????????????????????

UGC 6s season 20: Starting Scout for the Savage Cabbages (1-1 on played matches, 2 forfeits in our favor and 2 against)
UGC 6s season 21: Starting Pocket for Metabyte (4-4 Steel)
UGC 6s season 22: Backup Bitch for [we change our name every week] (dead)

ETF2L Highlander Open #2: Medic Buddy for Newtonian Mailboxes (5-1, Quarterfinalists)

When your DPM is a meme []

Things I wanted to put on my profile that I'll probably get made fun of for at some point
I like this video about game design and you should too

My frag movie

I had a document on my profile for a while that anyone could edit, if you want to view the swamp that can result from
a social experiment of that nature, it's right here.

If you want to check out my osu! profile, It's right here:

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Created for Father's day of 2016, this Engineer set is dedicated to Donald Johnson, the #1 autistic-about-Christmas dad I could ever have.

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