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Welcome to Steam, let me be your guide. Well okay not literally, I don't have time for that... but if you're looking to add me please let me know why in the comments.

Also - my friends list only has so much room, at least until I reach a higher level
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Hi, I'm Ian. Welcome to my profile! I've been moderating and keeping the Steam community clean since 2004, from SPUF to SCUD and beyond.

Who am I and what do I do?
Professionally I'm a video producer, editor and cameraman, currently working on PBS Game/Show and PBS Idea Channel - if you don't subscribe, you should, because they're awesome. In my spare time I do lots of awesome things, some of my time is devoted to moderating Steam, helping keep the community sections in order, and writing mega-guides for those purposes.

How to get in touch with me
I'm a busy guy, so I don't always have time to chat on Steam, but you can leave a message below and I'll get back to you if I can. Are you looking to add me? Let me know why in the comments, please.

I'm a Steam Community Moderator, not Steam Support staff. Because of this, I can't help with any account related issues, which include CS:GO cooldowns, in-game bans, VAC Bans, etc. In order to get help with these things, you must contact Steam Support

If there's anything I can help you with, you're more than welcome to ask. Have a great day
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Welcome to Steam Community 101! This is an ongoing step-by-step guide outlining how to get started with and use the Steam Community. We'll try to keep you updated on changes and features as they're made available.

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I almost feel bad for accepting that invitation because I haven't really contributed to it.
weedy 7 hours ago 
Please do not reply to this email. Any replies will not be read by our staff.


Thank you for submitting your question to our staff.

If your Steam account has been hijacked, your computer's security is likely compromised as well.

Please reply to this ticket after completing these steps to confirm that your computer is secured and free of malware:

1) Scan your computer for viruses, key loggers, spyware, and other malicious code with a virus scan utility that has the most recent virus definitions.

2) Change your SteamPowered.com Support Account password and the password for the e-mail account you are using to contact Support. If you no longer have access to the email that is associated with your account, please reply with your new email address.

Finally, please make sure you have provided adequate information and proof of ownership: pls help me
add me i need help you tnx
hi ,i from iran and i cant speak english very good but i telling my story,i sell item in iran
and my store is http://www.item4dota.ir , and my phones number in under page 1 in my site,my country is ban from USA and we cant have web money for buying item or other items from steam or other company for my shop,we for sharjing steam wallet just can selling item,i have mistake becs , i give moneys persian (rials) to my friend and he said buy this item from market and selling 174$ in market and he coming and buy it and my account be sharjing,after this job my account be ban,and i dont think this account be robbed with him tell me how can restore my account
and my money
, i am a poor man , and working hard in iran,plz help me if you can,tnx
Got 7 day ban for being kicked to many times on CS:GO even thou I did nothing wrong in that kick.
Theheavytank 17 hours ago 
hey i got banned 6 days for being kicked to many times. all i was doing was trying to be a leader and they said i was really annoying and calling me all these names and then they kicked me can you please help... thank you for looking at my comment