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PS - I can not help with CS:GO or other in-game bans, VAC Bans, or Steam account problems. You must contact Steam Support if you are looking for account help.
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read his description, he says himself he cannot help with bans, contact CS;GO for it. also if someone got onto your account and did anything, it's your problem, you need to keep your account more secure, as it is your responsibility, as steam say themselves. Next time watch out and pus a better password on your computer and/or do not download untrusted files.
skrufinator Mar 30 @ 7:35am 
hi dude!
I got banned because of a buddy of mine logged into my acc and went into a cs go comp game and logging out. can you unban me for that. i got 7days for it?
PiNKiS Mar 30 @ 6:06am 
Hi dude i got majorly disprusive ban from a hacker that installed a virus on my computer can valve lift the ban ? I have pictures of antivirus deleting it and match where hacker in chat says dont worry i have wallhack
Se[N]Se' Mar 29 @ 8:48am 
I got 7d ban in cs:go for not logging on time but i was reconected on time and played all match but still get 7days ban.....
-ßattovsai- Mar 26 @ 2:42pm 
hello .. I wonder because the items that give and those who are in the chests are not EXCHANGES are selfish ?? configured so that it can change please many people scam telling you control by gift and many people believe but anyway are scammed me have ripped me off more than 10 sets all because the items are not changes put denuevo the steam as it was before otherwise the public will lose ....! THX
NeXt Mar 26 @ 6:38am 
My question is where can I go to ask if I could get undbanna
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