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cutest girl 16 hours ago 
24 - Cisgender Male - Straight - Ireland (GMT +1)

Currently looking for a cis gal to chill with, have a laugh, and fuck her brains out, some mix of the three would be fantastic. Looking for some casual lewdplays for now, but if we get on very well I'm open to taking things further. I greatly enjoy cute girl butts, guitar noodling and being a little shit. The playful kind, not the fuck-you kind. Promise. I prefer chatting over voice, but text only is grand too.
cutest girl 16 hours ago 
Playing a bunch of older games on emulators rn, feel free to recommend your childhood favourites! I missed out on a lot of Nintendo classics in that I only owned PS consoles for quite some time. I play a fair amount of games, so don't be afraid to message me about other ones for setting up playtime together! I'll give anything a fair shot, so long as it's fun.
I'm a pretty typical Dom. I'm fascinated with the psychological side of domination, working my way into a sub's head, what it means to maintain a presence there.. that kind of connection is something I love exploring. I'm 100% sexually misogynistic, so the more depraved you are about objectification / degradng yourself, the more at home you'll feel with my kind of playtime. Cuddles and aftercare are a given though, rest assured.
cutest girl 16 hours ago 
I enjoy Master/Slave, Master/Pet, DD/LG, curious about taking brat taming further too. I tend to enjoy keeping you as my bitch rather than my princess a little more, but I can handle both swings of the pendulum.

Kinks off the top of my head include: verbal abuse, cumplay, non-con, freeuse, public humiliation, mind control, and a fair bit more. Full k-list here:

Feel free to message me for details if you're interested! Looking forward to hearing from you.
Flash Mar 14 @ 6:06am 
blocced for trying to buy hat
Guraoz Mar 13 @ 3:32pm 
“I’m sure now, Mommy,” the girl said to her mother, breaking into tears. “God is really there, and he’s full of love!”

“Why are you so sure?”

“I’ve seen him and he spoke to me from heaven. It’s the most wonderful place in the world!” The girl answered so assuredly and fervently that all her mother could do was to stab her with the knife she was chopping an onion with.
DelT Mar 13 @ 8:07am 
6s scrim?