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🍠🍠🍠Hey, those are some nice yams!🍠🍠🍠

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You can check out prices on my page. Link above. All offers welcome :)

**My 1:1 Bonzo The All-Gnawing Rimmed Raincatcher for demo is not, nor ever will be, for sale. Sorry.
** Im not really looking to sell my Bonzo Whoopee Cap but I'd accept a pure offer if you want it bad enough. The cost would be above of course because I love this thing.

v Tiny bit about me v

My name's Trent. I played Runescape a ton and I finally retired at 6,828 hours. Can't really grind xp on an rpg anymore when you start a full time job, have tons of pets and a girlfriend to tend to. So now I'm just some casual pub scout who dabbles in a little bit of unusual trading. I'm proud to say none of my scout cosmetics are painted lime or pink. Demo is my 2nd favorite class. Competitive? Not even once. I'd rather get those easy kills on koth maps ¯\_ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯ . I like to draw cartoons but I'm not so digital art savvy so it'll be awhile until I actually add an artwork showcase. I guess that's about it. Most bios I read are full of cringe so I hope I didn't break your spine or anything. Take care and yam on.

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Sweather tf2 17 hours ago 
Ok, no problem
Antlers 19 hours ago 
Added for GE woolen?
=(eG)= Super_Pizza Feb 20 @ 1:47pm 
Saw your comment. Sorry to hear you aren't interested in the stetson, but I'm not too surprised. It's an engi hat after all. And your guess about the aussies was right, I'm trying to collect them all with matching Ks kits.
A D R I Feb 20 @ 12:11am 
Hey, look the trade offer my friend:D
I don't accept unprieced unusuals
☉ DustiestCaliber ☉ Feb 18 @ 9:24pm 
Okay, I appreciate the quick reply. Good luck with them.