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Posted: Jun 14 @ 1:13pm
Updated: Jun 24 @ 3:14pm

After reading comments, you guys are right. Take Two has ruined their own reputation by attempting to shutdown OpenIV. Whether they apologize or not, it still happened and that should never be forgotten. Modding will never die, no matter how hard you stomp on it. The haters are right too. "This isn't a legit review, it's abusing the review system." Fine.

GTA:Online is garbage and is full of cheaters who's only goal is to make you angry. The only way to get money is to grind for hours and then spend it all on a single car, or buy shark cards, which is what they want. Single player is horrifically boring once you 100% it, which doesn't take long. Where is the single-player DLC that has been rumored and teased over the years? It's not going to happen. GTA:Online is Take Two's cash cow. They won't release SP DLC because then people will stop playing online, which will stop shark card purchases. Mods are the reason I still play this game. Playing LSPDFR is the most fun I've ever had in this. Playing in my world is what I enjoy, not playing in a microtransaction filled ♥♥♥♥ fest.

GooD-NTS has not released a statement about OpenIV so far other than the initial one when this happened, but OpenIV was updated recently to remove the "Uninstall Later" message. It has also been updated on gta5-mods, which can be found here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/openiv

Would I recommend this game? Depends on how you want to play it. If you want to play Online or the single player, stick to watching videos on YouTube. If you want to mod it and play it your way, then yes. It's great for that purpose. This is just my review on the vanilla game for all those whining about me abusing the review system. :)
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SaCK Just now 
Without modding GTA V is pretty much fucking boring in singleplayer.
bettapaydisbi 2 hours ago 
Cash cow farming pieces of shet...how do I leave a hate review for this game they take away mods that actually helped make their games not sooo shitty
Barry B. Benson 5 hours ago 
dont worry, Rockstar is letting OpenIV back
Concerned Guy 6 hours ago 
"Multiplayer mods are ruining this game! Lets go after the singleplayer mods!" Your splendid logic.

FreshBazuble 7 hours ago 
*says they are dicks for removing mods, than complains about cheaters who use mods to fuck up everyone elses fun* fucking retard
Dog Ear 8 hours ago 
Im not fucking with you people at my school are asking "WHY ISNT GTAV ON IPAD". Only like 5 people at my school including me knew what a graphics card waz
Dog Ear 8 hours ago 

Console peasants suck because they think tou should be able to play gtav on an fucking ipad.
NoName 9 hours ago 

Support from console gamers.
Beemo 10 hours ago 
openiv is back and i'm going to buy this game, thanks Rockstar for bringing it back c:
gg noobs 11 hours ago