Texas, United States
I'm a VFX artist and an animator. I've done a lot of VFX work on Team Fortress 2 and am currently doing animation work on A Hat in Time.

I also create my own content from time to time!
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Ey yo I'm that Chaofanatic guy or whatever
I've worked on lots of stuff somewhat. I got skills with animation, particles, materials and even 3D modeling, even though I never have any ideas for original things to model! You can check out the stuff I've made or done work for on my steam workshop page, and go to my youtube channel to check out my own personal animation work and whatnot.

Oh also, if you want to add me, please leave a message here first and explain why you want to. Nothing personal, just that random invites are annoying and there's plenty of bots and junk trying to pester everyone.

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無敗 Muhai Sep 8 @ 2:58am 
Was wondering if you planned on making any more unusual effects. I make custom particle sprites!
The Fancy Mentlegen Aug 26 @ 3:53pm 
Hey um chaofanatic, I have a question... How can I access the C.A.P.P.E.R particles so I can fix a mod I use with it? Also, where would it go?
Liamzigge Aug 16 @ 12:33pm 
Hello, I want to add you because I have a great idea for an effect for tf2 but sadly I'm not sure how to design it. I would appreciate some help from you and if we work together it just might become something nice :)
Secrios Aug 8 @ 10:47am 
A while back you gave me a pack of really cool particles. I was wondering if you still had the sprite textures for those?
Lancy Jul 28 @ 8:22am 
I want to add you, not many reason, or that not necessary o_o;
bootlegЯat Jul 17 @ 1:38pm 
And btw, are you still working on the mayann project?