#1 rule and only rule: if you're adding me, leave a comment down below for the reason. Eg. if trading, say you're offering x items for y items.
Sorry, I know it's a pain, but it saves work for both of us when I wake up, respond to your add and you've forgotten what you wanted!

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Uni student and mid tier unusual trader for the game TF2. See below for light entertainment.

Know nothing whatsoever about unusual trade judgment and don't know how to start?
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Hey there, I'm a mid-tier TF2 unusual trader, and I've been involved with TF2 trading for about 5 years. Over the course of my trades, I've been scammed and sharked and learnt from my mistakes.

Recently, a trader with expectations and common sense of ridiculous proportion returned highly disgruntled at me over their own poor decisions. This has motivated me to compile a list of 'Most ridiculous trades and traders.'

Rest assured, if you have even the most marginal lick of common sense - you will not be here.
Feel free to add me for the details, all screenshots are available for your perusal. I have no doubt the people on this list have spread terrible rumours of me. I am more than happy to debunk those rumours - heck, you can read the screenshots yourself!

1. ♡WaffleMagician♥ -
- Curses and swears at me 3 months after I accepted an undiscussed trade offer sent by him, as it led to him losing item value. Screenshots available.

2. - rampage (not trading) -
- Accused a friend for cheating in a pub. Friend was using stock rockets lol.

3. Twisted -

4. pink/jessica/justin - Justin Lai real name lol
- Scams a poor kid by brokering and running. Uses those stolen items to buy dream unusuals. Gets paypal scammed weeks later for dream unusuals. Must take unique level of brain power to scam someone else and get scammed for the same items weeks later.

5. MEECH -
- Guy adds me for Beams Pvt Eye (70), paying with S. Spec GE bonk boy (160) would like me to add. Seems fair enough initially except turns out.
- A - He wanted me to overpay for his bonk boy. I agree to do that, it's a pretty nice item.
- B - He merited the extent to which I had to overpay based on having obtained overpay offers in the past. He however didn't like them, but took the price of those offers and wanted me to pay that sum in hats he liked from my backpack. He gave me a list of hats he would be happy to take. In that list were 1st gens, 2nd gens, 3rd gens, and beyond.
- C - He believed there was still a stigma against 2nd and 3rd gens and would not consider the price as being correct despite supported by sales, sellers and insisted on counting anything not a 1st gen as less in our sale. I was happy to come up with an offer of only the 1st gens on his list.
- D - The end was in sight, when he particularly insisted on some 2nd and 3rd gens from the list, but demanded them to be counted as lower than established price because of - C -
- E - pawns off my thorough explanation and disapproval of his trade ideology as my fault
Full text here if you're bothered:
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Want to talk about your demo unusual

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kiious 16 hours ago 
trade offer stormy elfin deal for steaming jeep cap
Top Snek 23 hours ago 
Trade offer for disco beatdown kiss king:D
shim Jan 19 @ 7:36am 
pls accept trading info.
Chef Pyro Jan 19 @ 6:48am 
Im sorry my friend but I am the owner of the 2nd Frostbite Connoisseur's Cap, you might wanna rename it. (Hat is currently in tradehold)