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Secret Story 2.0:
Meth makes you wanna do anything enjoyable for hours, even days. Sometimes that's playing CS:GO with your friend. Sometimes it's playing guitar and making shitty recordings with your brother (that you'll listen to with great nostalgia later). Sometimes it's taking apart the engine on that old broken down car at your buddy's place. Sometimes it's cleaning your kitchen, and like, really cleaning, like moving the fridge and sweeping/mopping behind it. These are all activities which are a ton of fun when you're on meth, and you'll do this sort of thing for 5, 10, or even 30 hours without a break.
But oh man. Once you get to the sex stuff... oh man. Whether you're jerking off to the most crooked, depraved porno on the internet, or your wife/gf is sucking you off for an hour or two, when you eventually orgasm, it's like nothing you'll ever know unless you feel it. You'll shriek like a dying animal and flop around like a fish as every nerve in your body is jolting with that pleasure that you'd normally feel only in your loins. You pump out what feels like gallons of cum as you helplessly convulse like you're having a seizure. It takes FOREVER to get there, but once you're there, you'll know why you worked so hard for it.
So why do I still recommend skipping meth, in spite of the fact that I've had so much fun and wonderful times on it?
Is because it's fun to buy a new mouse or computer? Is it because it's nice to have the money to take your kids to Disneyland? Is it because it's much cooler to drive a nicer car than to keep buying £800 Craigslist specials that breakdown after 6 months?
Yes, those are all reasons to avoid it.
But the biggest reason, and this is something no one ever told me, is that it's too good. It makes you feel things you should not ever feel.
No one should ever have that much fun playing CS:GO. No one should enjoy playing guitar and singing like that. No one should feel that content when they're scrubbing their kitchen tile with an old toothbrush. And NO ONE should ever have an orgasm like a meth orgasm.
Why not? Why not feel those amazing feelings?
Because now every day life sucks for me. Video games are boring. I used to be a serious musician and I hardly ever pick up my guitar because it's just not the same. And my kitchen floor is filthy all the time now cuz cleaning it feels like a chore, instead of feeling like fun. And sex? Well, it's always a let down. I still have sex with my wife all the time, but as I climax, all I can think about is how it didn't feel as good as it could. You know those orgasms where the stimulation stops right as you climax? Like, where you finish while nothing/no one is touching you and it's kinda lame and not that great? Well, those are the only orgasms I can have now.
I wish someone had warned me about this. I wish someone had told me that meth was gonna ruin gaming, music and sex for me. But instead, they just told me I'd go crazy and steal from people.
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