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a few posts here and there...
they are made. they are posted. they are screenshot and shared around as tumblr posts are.
this puts bee movie into the background of the public consciousness.
perhaps it already was, but now it's... closer to the front.
ah, yeah, bee movie, the one where the bee fucks a human woman?
aha beestiality i loved that tumblr post.
the submeme stage.
then somebody decides to spam its entire script.
the combination of a submeme and a category of a meme- copypastas.
just enough absurdity which you are already guaranteed to be memey because of its submeme status.
the copypasta format which is instantly recognizable and can be used by anybody the instant they see.
then bee movie perhaps fades back a little bit after that dies down but not so much.
it is even further to the front of everybodys minds.
it is now a true and dedicated meme and joins the ranks of other similar things, there's no going back from recognizing bee movie as anything less than a meme now.
it hovers in this state for a while, while fuck bees and other bee related memes perhaps boost interest.
meanwhile an unrelated meme is on the rise and initially it is unrelated.
given birth to by the depths of soundclouders looking for a more popular medium.
while it never directly interacts with bee movie.
it is absolutely crucial to its rise.
through a long history of audial format memes eventually on soundclown the theme song of a relatively unknown cartoon rises as a minor meme.
due to its poor quality this show is only known to people who make a habit of searching for videos making fun of and deconstructing low quality cartoons, especially their theme songs.
the nutshack.
as all siiva memes go, it begins on soundcloud and gravitates towards youtube as a siiva team member uploads a rip or two featuring it as a mashup with some other thing.
soon it became one of the most popular memes of the channel, with rips featuring it almost always guaranteeing dislikes- you could tell if it would be a nutshack rip before advancing to the point in a video, just by glacing towards the likes counter.
soon it mutated into its own format.
a unique one at the time
"the nutshack theme, but"
and it escalated.
this is where it becomes important for the history of bee movies rise as a meme.
because eventually other videos begin taking this format as well.
while the nutshack eventually fades out of interest, bee movie stays while others such as we are number one become popular with the format.
recently, songs from the lorax movie have joined in as well.
from there bee movie, being associated with we are number one, is permanently ingrained as a large-scale meme.
it goes corporate and is in a fucking wendys ad.
why has god abandoned this wretched ball of sin and left it to rot itself out with its own disease.
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