Jan Kalný   Prague, Hlavni Mesto Praha, Czech Republic
I consider myself a friendly, always-happy-to-help guy. I'm a gamer, a game journalist and most importantly... a gamer. Yes, I'm a double-gamer. Deal with it.
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You want to be my friend? Read this, please.
Wheaton’s Law applies here - be a decent person and 'don't be a dick'. If you have recent ban or just seem to be weird overall (racist/erotic posts or avatar, idiotic nickname, bad attitude, etc.), I simply won't accept a friend request, and I will delete you without prior warning if the rule is broken in any way, even after an accept. This also applies at all situation - when you're in contact with my friends etc.

You are more likely to be accepted if you have higher Steam level as a proof of solidity. But there is NO MINIMUM STEAM LEVEL REQUIRMENT. You can be level 3 and be accepted, and you can also be level 4400 and the invite can be denied.

In case we don't have any mutual friends, leave a comment on my profile as to who you are and why are you adding me.

These rules and notes apply at all times and breaking results in PERMANENT block. No discussion.
Feel free to message me any time. I'm always up for some chat.

My name is Jan Kalný and I live in Prague, capital of Czech Republic (that's the small thing in the middle of Europe, between Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria). I write for Czech games magazine Zing [www.zing.cz] and I'm willing to help if it's possible. But if I don't have the time or means to help, don't be angry. I'm also very moody sometimes, so if I seem to be reserved or kinda annoyed by you, be sure that it is NOT that way. If I would be annoyed by you, you probably wouldn't be in my friend list anymore. I value and respect everyone in my friend list, I'm just very complicated sometimes.

I will not speak (voice-chat/videochat) under any circumstances, sorry.
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Jarlo Jul 25 @ 7:02am 
That was a lousy ass fightclub man.
Blackloch° Jun 24 @ 7:06pm 
London=done. Miserable run with a pile of non target victims. Need to do another one now that the location is familiar.
Crash_Khan Jun 21 @ 7:02pm 
Greetings and thank you for the invite. It’s a pleasure to meet you.
Baznoc™ Jun 21 @ 6:59am 
Thanks for the Friends Invite! I appreciate always making new friends. I hope we will get to catch up to each other very soon. Have a Great Day!
Blackloch° Jun 21 @ 2:25am 
Hey Jan! Thanks for the invite and well met. Everyone should have a double gamer on their friendlist.
Lt. Chaz May 6 @ 2:23am