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I've not played anything this spectacular since Morrowind. Deliverance, that game title is very interesting, this game is a deliverance in itself. A beautiful world which feels lived in with great NPC's which live out their lives like real people, something I haven't seen since the Gothic series. A great soundtrack together with great sound effects and ambience. An interesting multi-layered story with some fantastic movie-like segments. Gorgeous visuals with detailed scenery which stretches out for miles. And the way you level up your character and how you can wear layers of clothing and armour makes for some interesting combinations. With many mechanics to learn which are both interesting and challenging, there's alot to this game the more you play.

Easily a 10/10 game when they patch those bugs and fine tune some of the mechanics.
Posted February 14. Last edited February 17.
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A very enjoyable and accessible space shooter which has you aiming for a high score so that you can upgrade more on your next run. It's like FTL and Isaac in that you will happily pick yourself up start again to try and do better and get further with the added bonus of ship/gear/perk progression which carries over on your next run to make the game more interesting as you unlock more and more abilities, It's a great system and makes each playthrough almost unique.

I love the challenge of this game but I do wish there was more threats in space as I find myself fighting the same types of units over and over, I'd love to see even more types of enemies and threats if they make a DLC2.

Posted January 4.
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Early Access Review
It's not just the awesome defense mechanics against the thousands of infected which attack your town and test your defenses, but it's that sweetspot of resource management where building placement is key and the way bonuses stack if you carefully overlap production bonus buildings to rake in tons more gold/food/wood etc which you'll need alot of and fast. Very addictive stuff.

A brilliant blend of town and resource management and one of the best tower defense games, every map is randomly generated so the game keeps you on your toes, very challenging and intense.

Early access is early access here, bugs are present but don't hamper the gameplay much, the game balance is a bit off and there's many typos and strange wordings on item and building descriptions.

Final verdict: Worth.
Posted December 30, 2017. Last edited December 31, 2017.
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Fun open ended level design lets you approach challenges how you want.
Brilliant atmosphere and soundtrack.
Reading the emails and listening to audio logs is enjoyable because they are well written and the voice acting is very good.
Discovering more about what happened, why it's happening and what's being done on the station from the dead and the living make it very worthwhile to track down the survivors and the dead to discover more either through quests or logs.
Fantastic art design with the interiors, exteriors, weapons and enemies.
Plenty of skills and upgrades to choose from which open up more ways to explore, kill and survive.

Bugs are still present, couldn't find a person which lead to a failed quest, was only a small sidequest, not that important.
You'll spend alot of time climbing and jumping around, which is made tricky by the weird floating jumping.
More enemy types would have been great given the length of the game.

A masterpiece in level design. A very engaging game with nice visuals and sound design with a top notch soundtrack. Prey got more interesting the more I played and the build up towards the end was fantastic. Another memorable Arkane Studios game.
Posted November 23, 2017.
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Oh god, what have they done to Shelob..?

But other than that, it's all good.

Except crates.

But other than that, it's all good.

Except the grind.

But other than that, it's all good.

Except WB spying on you.

But other than that, it's all good.

Heartily recommend.
Posted October 9, 2017. Last edited October 9, 2017.
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Firaxis went all out with this one. It's an incredibly good expansion which adds so many events and improvements and lots of new content. I love fighting the Chosen, they taunt the living hell out of you but it's so satisfying killing them and pushing them back, it's a constant struggle. The game now overwhelms you with new stuff and decisions to make, but that's fine, it keeps you busy, the replayability of WotC is insane and I look very forward to LW2 being modded over to WotC. (hope that happens)

The game performance has been greatly improved too. One of the best expansions ever made which turns a good game into a great game.

Outstanding stuff, Firaxis.
Posted September 1, 2017. Last edited September 2, 2017.
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I now sleep with the light on at night.

All 15 of them. I may need more...
Posted August 20, 2017.
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1.0 = No way.
1.1 = Hmm.
1.2 = Getting there.
1.3 = This is how the game should have released.
1.4 = I'm very excited to see what comes next.

No Man's Sky, not only is it a very unique game but it was released in quite a state with many talked about features missing. It seems Hello Games are commited to fixing their game and are well on their way to delivering these missing features and adding a whole lot more. Atlas Rises was a suprise to me, I wasn't expecting so much to be added and changed. I vaguely followed 1.1 and 1.2 and wondered if one day this game will be something even more special and I reckon it now is. A shame the way they handled this game at release but oh boy is it now a game everyone will be watching and talking about.

Weldone on the improvements, keep it up!
Posted August 12, 2017.
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A delightful homage to the brilliant collectathon platformers of the mid to late 90's. Playtonic set out to give us a taste of the wonderful gaming jewels of yesteryear known as Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64 and they succeeded I reckon. Not as good as Banjo but better than Donkey Kong 64, plays very similar but with a lick of new paint.

+Graphics are great.
+Sounds are great.
+Music is great.
+Gameplay is great and fluid.
+Lots to explore and find.
-Story is weak.
-Camera is weak.
+Performance has been solid on my aging 970.
+Controls great on the XB One controller.
-No Mumbo Jumbo.

Feels like a 7/10 game to me so far, but I'm only 6 hours in with so much more to do and discover. Easily worth the £30-ish if you like this style of game which we sadly do not see enough of!
Posted April 11, 2017. Last edited April 12, 2017.
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Brilliant writing lined with great and memorable characters and moments and the intriguing story pans out brilliantly. I consider this to be the best point & click adventure ever made and I regard it as one of my all time favourite games.
Posted March 30, 2017.
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