Mister Lister the Sister Fister
Marcus   Ohio, United States
Lloyd: The first time I set eyes on Mary Swanson, I just got that old fashioned romantic feeling where I'd do anything to bone her.
Harry: That's a special feeling, Lloyd.
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[FNHH] Kappa May 20 @ 11:07pm 
Maybe if you werent fuckin garbage you'd have the sack to online raid, and not stay up until 5 am for a 3x raid.
[FNHH] Versatile May 20 @ 11:07pm 
Did you just wake up after staying up to offline raid us?
Say My Girlfriends Name Apr 25 @ 7:35pm 
I'm not up for incest, and she's not even attractive IMO.

I have tried putting loud music and then fapping, but then she knocks on the door and says "Put the music down, I can't hear my netflix movie! "
Then I say: Go listen it somewhere else. You can't command me.
And sometimes i've tried fapping at super late night, around 3 o clock at night.
Then she usually goes to the bathroom right next to my door, just to annoy me, or starts making those "ah ah ah" noices even shes doin nothing clearly.
So my only option is to fap when shes away.
It's driving me crazy.
And yes, my sister is under age.
jOuOci :> Apr 10 @ 2:06am 
Worry not, m'lady! I would be most delighted to serve as a gentlesir and your knight in shining armor by penetrating your vaginal opening with unparalleled gentleness and eagerness! I will even brush my neckbeard and pubular hair with the skills I have acquired from brushing My Little Pony figurines! Unless, of course, you decide to friendzone me by ignoring my kind and selfless offer, in which case you're a slutwhorebitchfeminazihitlerette. tips le fedora, kisses le hand, eats le doritos, proves le no god.
mooch Apr 10 @ 2:03am 
At night I click on your profile. Oh the excitement, it fills the air. With one hand under the covers, the other firmly placed on my nipple I begin. Working on my throbbing penis to the thought of your chiseled masculine body, wrestling me into the ground. You overpower me and punishes my weak body, oh my boi pussy you have conquered. And then I squirt with the force of a thousand elephants, with the sound of a thousand screaming children and the might of a titan. Thus my fantasy ends, and I clean up and sleep, cuddling my pillow with a picture of you on it. Sweet dreams my prince, I say, kissing you tenderly.
jOuOci :> Jan 31 @ 2:37pm 
Face camped me after I juked him. What a lame killer. 😿