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Read please : If you didn't read below, I'll remove you from friend list without any warning.
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About me
Hello everyone. I'm Hinaomi.
I can speak and use English, but not as good as native speaker.

I'm one of the editors of Official Team Fortress Wiki [wiki.teamfortress.com]. I'm also one of the moderators in Steam Translation Server . Most of my jobs are translating Team Fortress 2 to Thai language.

I love japanese anime, manga and songs.
So if you see I change my avatar and name too much.
Because I have many images of anime and manga.

I like to collect weapon in Team Fortess 2.
But I don't like trading, so I'll decline random trade at most.

Do not randomly add me as a friend without good reason.
I'll accept only friends that talked with before (e.g. Scrap.tf chat, TF2Outpost trade)

Do not add me for trade items unless I posted those items for trade on TF2Outpost [www.tf2outpost.com].
You can simple check my backpack here [backpack.tf].

I'll not accept friend requests from the person who set their profile as Private.
Also, I'll not accept friend requests from suspicious person. (example, Steam Level 1, have less games that a player should)

PS. If I'm not serious, I'll use the word like girls using. But if I'm serious, I'll use the word like boys using.
PS2. I'm a girl.
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Haise Nov 26 @ 4:12am 
Hina is a cutie! c:
Santa is the fat guy Oct 31 @ 7:27am 
happy halloween hina-chan
Nepgearsy Oct 1 @ 2:40am 
pretty waifu
♥_Xephos_♥ Aug 27 @ 4:21am 
OHH i have a new friends (° ͜ʖ°)
VirusDoctor Jun 6 @ 6:20am 
Wow! he add me to his friends list!!!
♫Silver♪ ➈ Mar 1 @ 3:29pm 
Happy birthday!