A1eX 1P hihi1210   Hong Kong
ORIGIN,UPLAY,DESURA,PSN: hihi1210 and VR enabled:
Badge Level - Task Force 141
Youtube: hihi12101 Star Citizen: hihu1210 [robertsspaceindustries.com]
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Who am I ?
2. Source mod plugin writer
3. Former CPT leader
4. Former SDK Map creator
5. Noob Programmer (php,java,javascript,etc)
6. Level 0.5 Modeler (tried to make source engine models eg. tf2 weapons)
7. VR (HTC Vive) player

Game photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y4zlnreqkn5qagf/JDbvJn6Bbr
I have another ac for source engine games ( TF2 , CSGO , CSS , L4D2) + others

What I got for trading
1. Origin ac
interested in this origin account ? https://dl.dropbox.com/u/23812780/Originacpre.png
all product keys are brand new
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Youtube Stream(live randomly) : https://gaming.youtube.com/user/hihi12101/live
You can trade with paypal, steam gifts , trading cards even dota items.
** I will not trade any TF2 Items ** ** The items above are for "show off" purpose **
Steam keys available for trading (add me to discuss if you interested in any. We will figure out a deal. I am not looking for a lot):
The steam key list is above (in my summary)
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Add me to discuss or Send me offers :) http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=35920822&token=jKzKxL7v
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This is still unfinished... BUT WE WILL REMAKE HONG KONG CAMPAIGN. More News Later
if you subscribed to the old version , please unsubscribe the old version 如果你訂閱了舊版本,請取消訂閱舊版本
Old version ( Left 4 Dead 2 Custom Campaign * Unfinished )

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Created by - hihi1210
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Do you have so many steam game keys from bundles and you have a hard time activate them all?
This Guide is for you!!!
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42 Hours played
This game is exceptionally entertaining and engaging for Asians that had stressful public exams.
People studying in the West may not feel that stress during the exam preparation period due to different education system , family and society conditions.

The game well protrayed the what if you have a girl friend before public exam situation and the tricky thing is how do you spend your time. All in for studying ? All for dating? Just like those harsh choices in real life.

The game content is quite rich and consists of many endings. It worths a lot more than 9 USD!!!
The soundtrack ,artwork and character design is quite good.

The only thing i hate about this game is the poor CV for certain supporting characters and not all the characters got their voice.
Sometimes the game crashes and i have to play all over again.... So, save the game constantly.
It is a good try from Chinese developer. Good Job! You have set a new standard for the industry!
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NathanVetterlein Nov 18 @ 9:31pm 
     ,,.ィ"           )
    /                \
  /    / ./  /|  !  ,     ',
  |   | .,'  /´|___/| /! |  |  ヽ
  !   | .| /r‐‐r└' !、 」_!`| |
  |   |  !/|、 弋_,リ    |_lj |/ .,'       ,
  |   |  ⊂⊃     '  ⊂!  /、  _ ,,,/,'.'/ \
  |   |  |      ',=/^^)==ニ二__  l  l !靡靡之音
  |   |  ト    _/ ̄::く`ー-'、      ̄\', .,'
  |   |  | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄:::::::::::/:::::::|
  |   ∧   !::::::::::::::::::::::::/:::::ノ
  |   / l  |::::::::::::::::::::/i::::::/
  | ,イ  !  |:::::::j ̄ ̄::::::::l
Have a nice weekend
超高校級倒楣V3 Oct 12 @ 7:50am 
happy birthday
HAPPY_KEVIN Oct 12 @ 7:14am 
hihi1210 Happy Brithday!
Wind O's Exs Pea Oct 7 @ 11:59pm 
Looks like we found ourselves a Diamond Dog.
D-D Huh?