owo   Ohio, United States
The difference between a projector and a best friend, is that a best friend bites back.

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- i like achievements and music
- send me your goldfish or i will die from lack of goldfish
- b
- i like ducks
- triple pres are gay
- im bad at verts
- did u know steam lets u link your facebook account for some reason like wtf who would do that lol
- here's my trade offer url thingy
- im just writing to fill this bio out because i dont like it looking so empty and sad
- b
- :The_Golden_Duck:
- ok
- (x²+y²-1)³=x²y³
- go watch metalocalpyse
- discord: hex#8149
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festive avery Feb 16 @ 10:29am 
dog pic doesn’t suit a dumb head like u, go back to inferior cats
hex Feb 13 @ 2:51am 
hick slick more like that gay guy slick :SpellingBee:
HickSlick Feb 13 @ 2:50am 
ooga booga ur mom ungayed
dipp Feb 12 @ 9:17pm 
- triple pres are gay
buthead Jan 19 @ 4:02am 
your pfp looks like someone nutting
festive avery Jan 18 @ 5:55am 
u steal all my memes without me looking >:(