Danilo   Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Thoughts become action, tell me what's happ'nin'
Mouse: Zowie ZA12
DPI: 1600
Sensitivity: 1.5
OZFL 15 prem cooking with coolio 5th
OZFL 16 prem cooking with coolio 3rd
OZFL 17 prem Intoxicated 3rd
OZFL 18 prem Mad Men 2nd
OZFL 19 prem no safeword

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:)! you too
-=TSON=- Jun 16 @ 3:36am 
All I hear about these days is this guy Hertz! Everyone is putting him on this mountain like hes the fucking greatest thing since sliced bread!

Look if this guy is so "amazing", i dare him to jump through my computer screen and smash my head onto my fuckin Keyboar73983'kdkcjhb!?ddsjhosnksouiiiikdjdodlhnndkdododhhbbdndysiejrbxj76678883
buuu Jun 9 @ 5:01am 
HK-47 May 23 @ 7:31am 
ya mad?
ywl May 11 @ 7:46am 
An enemy player was awarded compensation for the suicide of BOT hertz
scotch Aug 10, 2016 @ 12:30am 
daytime alcoholic : listen here you horse fingering fat cunt