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Aye! I don't bite :3

I loveeeeee anything cuteee, cool is fine too! ≧﹏≦

I value friends over family over myself

What the heck happened.
zysf: *kiss* fullhomo
Memetrle #FINALS!: Kisses back* nohomo

1:29 PM - .phl4rie: Potato
1:29 PM - Hemstar: Potato
1:29 PM - Hemstar: Potato Pota to?
1:30 PM - .phl4rie: Pot ato
1:30 PM - Hemstar: Po tato tato po
1:31 PM - .phl4rie: Poo tato


As the Golden Ball of Joy sets further into the horizon, the gorgeous Moon takes over the starry night sky. The cool breeze brushes against my face.
I stand under the moonlight in awe, letting the raindrops trickle down my face. Salty... little... raindrops...

We've spent 10 hours a day 5 hours a week messing around together. All of you are the most caring and perfect friends I've ever had. I wished we had spent more time together... playing together... studying together... eating together...
It haunts me that I left... and I'm sorry I never returned. I'm afraid I'll lose myself and you all again ...
Forgive me...? (ಥ‿ಥ)

I'm scared...

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Hemstar, not Hemster
thepizzaman2013 Feb 15 @ 12:25am 
Hemstar, not Hemster
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Hamsters are rodents (order Rodentia) belonging to the subfamily Cricetinae, which contains about 25 species classified in six or seven genera.[1] They have become established as popular small house pets,[2] and because they are easy to breed in captivity, hamsters are often used as laboratory animals.

In the wild, hamsters are more crepuscular than nocturnal and remain underground during the day to avoid being caught by predators. They feed primarily on seeds, fruits, and vegetation, and will occasionally eat burrowing insects.[3] They have elongated cheek pouches extending to their shoulders, using them to carry food back to their burrows.
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+rep niBBa xd
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Happy New Year