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Other than that, I am just a dude who likes to make models for TF2. I am goin to school studying Comp Sci and I like to play games when I have the time.
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Mr. Ape Mar 8 @ 2:29pm 
Yeah I did adjust it with the slider but the problem it still happens gotta wait for valve i guess
boomsta Mar 8 @ 10:23am 
sounds like a valve problem. There is a slider where you can adjust where the effect is, but if that doesn't work its up to valve
Mr. Ape Mar 7 @ 11:29pm 
Hey boomsta I have the hat u creates amazing by the way trencher topper I have it in unsual quality unfortunately it's glitches and the effect won't show and is it glitches in the body is there any way to fix this or does valve have to do it?
cestnyburger Mar 4 @ 8:35am 
The Frontline Surgeon Set look so awsome i want it in game XD
Vipes Jan 26 @ 12:53pm 
Adding to hopefully talk about TF2 concepts.
prim Dec 27, 2016 @ 5:50pm 
lol v