Dewa Eryadi   Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia
"Did you know... there are three kind of aces? Those who seek strength, those who live for pride, and those who can read the tide of battle. Those are the three. And him... he was a true ace." ― Solo Wing Pixy
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If you want me to join your group please ask me first, as long as is not a hate group, i will gladly join and also If you want to talk to me, feel free to message me, i can guarantee your privacy

Here's some of my favorite movies.

Linda Linda Linda, Swing Girls, Joze to Tora to Sakana tachi, Kisaragi, Biri Gyaru, Tennen Kokekko, The Seaside Motel, Battle Royale, Solanin, Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru,
Kung Fu Hustle, The God of Cookery, Shaolin Soccer,
Flirting Scholar, A Chinese Odyssey Part One, Project A, The Legend of Drunken Master, Snake in the Eagle's Shadow, Wheels on Meals, Police Story, Nan But Siao Siao San.

My Favorite TV Show is Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!

Music, I Mostly Listen to Jazz, Classic, Post Rock, Electronic Rock, Math Rock and Shoegaze.
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My Favorite Youtube Channel.
Crash Course , Kurzgesagt , The Great War , Extra Credits , kaptainkristian , Every Frame a Painting , Behind The Meme , GoodBadFlicks , The School of Life , SovietWomble , Life of Boris
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A detailed spoiler-free Nier: Automata guide to every single weapon and Pod Program. Includes mapped data locations and images for your convenience. Other miscellaneous intel on tricky sidequests and useful tips are added in the later sections of the guide

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