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For any questions or discussions about SurvivorsRest.com it is best to use the contact form on the site, I generally will not accept random friend requests unless I am expecting them.

DO NOT add me if you are banned from Survivors Rest, use the appeal form on the site.

Please do not add me to ask about joining The Stronghold, apply and hope the application reviewers like what they read.

I'm a busy person, If you're adding me please leave a comment to let me know why. I don't middleman sorry.
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Nothing to trade

I don't middleman sorry.
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Zanga 20 лип о 13:05 
Found a security vulnerability
Flux 19 тра о 13:57 
Looking to trade. Also i play on stronghold and thought may be good idea to add some ppl who play on there
Leander800 13 тра о 11:00 
hello have a question?
Robbielele 11 тра о 2:36 
+Rep absolute beast!
onher 17 кві о 7:23 
ProReborn 6 кві о 16:50 
What a legend.