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No shirt, no shoes, no service.
For any questions or discussions about SurvivorsRest.com it is best to use the contact form on the site, I generally will not accept random friend requests unless I am expecting them.

DO NOT add me if you are banned from Survivors Rest, use the appeal form on the site.

Please do not add me to ask about joining The Stronghold, apply and hope the application reviewers like what they read.

I'm a busy person, If you're adding me please leave a comment to let me know why. I don't middleman sorry.
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Nothing to trade

I don't middleman sorry.
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ARK is basically Rust with dinosoars in the way, if you like that sort of thing.

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Hanii 2017년 11월 17일 오전 2시 00분 
I don't trade.
󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡阿呆 2017년 11월 16일 오후 11시 15분 
hey i wanna buy some just survive test server skins. plz add me :D
Ed Rush 2017년 11월 15일 오전 1시 29분 
added also for trade an discussion on skins :) have a few questions
Ed Rush 2017년 11월 15일 오전 1시 27분 
hi hanni, spoke to u on a number of occasions about h1 on reddit :) thought id add u
Goon 2017년 10월 29일 오전 7시 55분 
2 keys for just survive test server skins <3
Ryan | S> TG Black/White SET 2017년 10월 26일 오전 2시 32분 
wanna talk something