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haul your wind and hold your water
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shuckle Jul 24 @ 4:41pm 
pleas Jul 17 @ 1:01am 
the girl that I can get the money to you and your family a a good day and I will be there at the same time I don't have a car so I can get the money to you and your family a very good idea alright alright stay at my aunts uncles I will not stand by the price for a coffee in a girl and her youngest is that the same time and it's a little late night.
Xenos Jul 5 @ 12:04am 
Pumpin' the music I keep the music like pumpin'
Cause Ren ain't in here for nothin', I keep the average crowd jumpin'
Yo, you know the color, the villain's in black
Always down to make noise, and attack
So you better get back unless you wanna come with it
And make your face like a target and close your eyes when I hit it
You're screamin' with fear but it's with fear that you're screamin'
You're wakin up in a sweat cause Ren is givin' bad dreams and
I'm not schemin', I'm just tellin the facts
That's how it is when N.W.A. starts to jack
So brothers that wanna scrap with me
That sweezin' and sneezin' will have to lap with me
Especially beggin' to write some lyrics with me
I just snatch your girl to take a nap with me
Cause when it comes to Ren there's no comparison
And if you try to be me, it's quite embarrassin'
But I understand cause you're mentally slow
Cause I can tell from the jump you're too nervous to go
Xenos Jun 19 @ 2:49am 
slepper sopper Jun 17 @ 1:17am 
approaching guidimg light
redward. Jun 16 @ 11:07pm