I'm a pretty chill guy, love association football. If you have any questions, just ask.

And yes, I have a long name.

sans. : habla u sucjk

Luft: I don't need to cook food, I just eat ass

*DEAD*(TEAM) hayest1 : all i know is Habla got 70 pts
seferonth : kick halba
seferonth : then its fair
hayest1 : hey Habla ...where did you DL Aim bot...i need to 'get better'
hayest1 : 86 pts in ONE turn? never misses, crits constantly..seems to know exactly where people are? ....thats called Aim bot, + wall
Dr.John A. Zoidberg : it is called being good and play comp
seferonth : halba one shot me as a scout

Hablamalamalos: when dagger still in chat ⎝ cmonBruh ⎠
an_artichoke: when dagger cmonBruh
Hablamalamalos: dagger cmonBruh
imDagger: cmonBruh

Hablamalamalos: Like why tf were Silva and Luiz put in XI, same as Iniesta, idk
Hablamalamalos: There were others far better performing last season
Frost Knight: I dunno about you but Luiz deserved it
Frost Knight: creating a lot of chances
Frost Knight: a great hero for the german team
Hablamalamalos: LMaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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-I can speak English, Greek, and a tad bit of French
-Hmu if you'd like to play some stuff on 3DS or Netplay

TF2 Highlander

Season 16 UGC Highlander Iron - PanHandlers (Spy)
Season 17 UGC Highlander Steel Week 8 - Good Grief (Spy)
Season 18 UGC Highlander Silver Week 1-2 - Good Grief (Spy)
Season 19 UGC Highlander Steel - Wing It (Spy)
Season 20 UGC Highlander Steel - Pause Reality (Soldier)
Season 21 UGC Highlander Steel - PanDatRain (Soldier/Maincaller)

TF2 6v6

ESEA: https://play.esea.net/users/1290168

Season 20 UGC 6v6 Steel - Team.6
Season 22 UGC 6v6 Steel - Too Close To Touch

TF2 4v4

Season 9 UGC 4v4 Steel - Pretty Little Thing

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Stupid Ivan Apr 29 @ 5:17pm 
What he said
moon Apr 29 @ 5:16pm 
greece isnt a part of NATO
Stupid Ivan Apr 29 @ 2:20pm 
WoshiLan Apr 29 @ 4:33am 
Seems Legit
moon Apr 6 @ 10:31pm 
are you the motherfucking glitch
moon Mar 26 @ 7:03pm 
tom brady gets paid more than the entire net worth of greece