Sage   Columbus, Ohio, United States
Been playing games since 1987. These days I do gaming on youtube as well as tech stuff, rants, fitness stuff, and more.

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Yes, I'm like 5.

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gunsage 19 Ağu 2014 @ 22:48 
No worries, meng. Happy gaming. :p
benzeboy3737 19 Ağu 2014 @ 22:45 
Thanks for the hacking style game suggestions!
PJammaz 16 Tem 2014 @ 18:56 
You are too nice to me, friend! Thank you so much!
cynic667 18 Nis 2013 @ 8:06 
Once more thanks for the coupon, used it now. Looking forward to play Runner 2 and spew insults at my monitor in a regular fashion ;P
wastelanderone 8 Eyl 2012 @ 10:47 
Yeah I saw the trailer a long time ago and was just reminded of it... I'm totally getting it on payday :)
wastelanderone 29 Tem 2012 @ 8:14 
I am having a great time with it! I think it's worth full price, but I'd recommend first downloading Princess Maker 2 and if you get some fun out of that then totally get it, because it's similar to that except way better.