I have zero tolerance against beggars. If you're gonna beg for items, fuck off.

If you're adding me, please leave a comment below stating why. I rarely accept random invites.
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Do not add me to offer, use the trade offer system.
Read this before adding me
Fun fact:

I supplied 73 buds (13.2%) out of the 550 buds used by Purple to purchase her Burning Flames Team Captain :)

Do not add me if:

- you want to buy an item which is not listed in
- you want to sell me your items which I have no intention of buying
- you want to beg for free items

"It's my birthday today, can I have a present?"

No, fuck off.

"can I have a free key? You have so many"

I worked my way up from nothing to those "many" keys, without people giving me free stuffs. Why should I give you free stuffs when I put in all my effort to get those buds, and you put in no effort at all? People who can afford to be on the Internet playing online games shouldn't be given free stuffs because they don't deserve it. Virtual pixels are a luxury, not a necessity.

"Can you do 6.22 ref instead? (even though I wrote 6 ref on trading sites, or vice versa)"


"Really? You have so many keys, and you can't even add/less 2 scraps?"

If you're not willing to buy/sell items at the prices I stated on my trade, then don't add me at all.

A lot of people added me to ask about how I have so many buds, keys or unusuals, as well as tips on trading. Let me tell you this:

1. While I appreciate knowing new friends, I get lots of adds every day from genuine traders who wants to trade for items which I specifically stated on trading sites. If I get plenty of random adds from people each day asking me about how I get my backpack, I will have to explain the same thing over and over again, which I don't have the time to do so.

2. Some of you asked me for tips about trading. I don't mind tell you on how I trade, but I don't have the time to sit down and explain everything to you. If you want to know tips on trading, go to tf2 trading forums instead. There plenty of forums on the internet such as which can help answer your trading questions. Please do not add me to ask about these stuffs.

3. If you want to add me just to be my friend, I'm sorry. As stated in point 1, while I appreciate knowing new friends, I just simply don't have the time.

If you do not read this and add me for the above reasons, I'm sorry, but I will unfriend you here on steam. No hard feelings, nothing personal.

From a $5 backpack, to a $7000 backpack, cashed out and down to $3000, but still going up....

Its been an amazing journey, and I'm enjoying every second of it.

My very first aim was to earn enough money to buy myself a pair of Nike shoes. I did it, though it wasn't exactly a pair of Nike shoes. It was Dr. Marten's instead :)

Things I wish to achieve in TF2:

1. Get Bill's Hat - done
2. Get Earbuds - done
3. Get Max Head - done
4. Get Unusual Hats - done

Semi-retired trader now.

Thank you so much to all of you who helped me to move a step further towards achieving my goals. Words couldn't express how grateful am I and I really appreciate it, thank you so much!

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with me
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I can offer 60k for the dread
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Hey, added to discuss one of your unusuals I'm intrested in
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