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         I don't like personal questions at all, if you seek company I recommend the forums as well.   

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-».•´Woifilicious`•.«- Jun 10 @ 10:41am 
No need to add me and tell me about my impersonator guys, just report them
-».•´Woifilicious`•.«- Jun 10 @ 10:38am 
@DaddyKosmo: You traded him despite knowing it would get him in trouble. He is your little brother not mine, seems like your responsibility to me mr Scammer.
2D Jun 10 @ 10:35am 
i think i found a impersonator woif http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197982958922
DaddyKosmo Jun 10 @ 10:33am 
youre one of the rudest people i have ever met, you dont deserve to be admin. I dont care that you banned me, but unban my brother the kid is fucking 12 he didnt do anything worth getting banned for. He actually cried because he got banned and now no one will trade with him. He didnt do anything untrustworthy i did you cant just assume he is gonna do what i did. I dont care if im banned but unban him please.
✦Nato✦ツ Jun 10 @ 9:21am 
+REP seriously guy, Trust him!
Panned Cake Jun 10 @ 3:09am 
I have video recording of Impersonator I listed