danny 💜
danny   Canada

10:24 PM - Gamma 💜 Orionis: Thank you, god

3:44 PM - no: my eyes are bleeding

1:12 PM - dK vipa: I am a socially inept entity

7:10 PM - carcin: Without Consent 💚: show me your desert eagle
7:10 PM - Gamma 💜 Orionis: if i unbutton my pants i am going to pee

12:25 PM - Yip (carcin's best friend)✨: yip!
12:25 PM - Gamma ✨ Orionis: yap!

10:25 PM - Gamma ✨ Orionis: Hi bro

3:37 PM - Gammofu mofu ✨: I can't get into my neopets account so I know how you feel

8:26 AM - Rolling: as expected of chips... truly impressive

3:47 PM - andrew: retard bird
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dat burns Jun 17 @ 5:39pm 
Hehe :3 looking for cute Boys who want to ERP or do ANYTHING sexual with me... I don't really get much attention so i created this ERP account for sexual things so my friends don't find out and tease me for ERPing >.< Anyways feel free to add me if i get to know you really well i could always end up giving you my Discord and main account anyways bai~
love is mystical Jun 15 @ 2:07pm 
you dont live in canada fag
bop Jun 13 @ 7:14pm 
:muxin: Jun 9 @ 1:12am 
my bro
dat burns May 12 @ 5:41am 
shiranui: i have food
shiranui: that i need to finish off
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danny 💜: inndinishing ofd ur mom
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love is mystical May 6 @ 12:51pm 
Do you like huey lewis and the news? Their early work was a little too new wave for my taste. But when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically.