Don't add me for random trade or betting   Australia
Don't add me for random trade or betting BS ok ? I won't accept you, I won't come to your fake or real gambling site. I won't trade you I will find what I want by myself. P.S. your offer is bad. Thanks bye.

Who am I you might ask. I'm Blazey aka goldnuts aka SUNSPY™ and I'm owner of Dank Skins where I sometimes give away a few cheap skins with Drug War Veteran stickers on them. No I have not been bothering lately because most people are the type to just sell the skin instead, which is not why I gave them away..

Also owner of the Sunbeams group Beam Bros. Have Sunbeams you're keeping? Add me and join ! You have beams up for trade? sorry, group is for two groups of people, collectors obviously, and people who play TF2 and show off their sexy Sunbeams hat(s). Many of us are always willing to jump into a server with others to be group of sexy Sunbeams hats instead of the odd one out :) more fun with friends !

I used to trade a lot. Now I use market and am selling off a few things I don't need. I am a bit lazy about keeping up with outpost so even if the trade closed if I have it, its for sale, if I don't, it might be on market ;)

Trading this stuff
CSGO rep thread is up :

Profile comments are friends only again, took only a few hours for a phishing scumbag to come along and post their filthy little link.. funny really. Keep tryharding to spam scam and be dicks, I don't care and am not here to help you profit by referring people to crap sites or scamming them ! so go away and be better at life you assholes :)
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Selling code for ingame CS pins - have Guardian 2, Baggage, Cobblestone and Bloodhound, codes only will unlock Genuine pin. Keys only buyer pays first
jksn Jul 2 @ 10:22pm 
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