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Trade Accepted (high tier items)
Read First: Buying And Trading "INFORMATION"
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Warning: I have alot of active impersonators, make sure you are dealing with this level 51 profile or do not deal at all. I don't have a personal twitter, and this the only profile i would deal with you through. I don't take any responsibility for anyone who fall for an impersonator.

✔ Do not add me without any reason!
✔ Do not send me phishing links! (You just waste your time and you'll be reported)
✔ Do not ask for free items! I'm not UNICEF!
✔ I will not accept friend request with private profile!
✔ I will not trade with you if you are unkind to me and unrespectful person
✔ I will not accept you if you only have a small amount of item/s so if you placed it on gamble site then get it so i can see it.

--------------------HOW DO I TRADES----------

- For Safe Trade. I want you to send me a "Steam Offer" of your items that we agreed to trade so i can assure you wont do any cancelations after i see the notifacation, i will get my offer on opskins and i will send a counter offer your pending offer so we could receive our item same time as long you accept my counter offer.

You can always record all of our conversations of trades while we're in the process of trading for you to sure that we're doing legit trades and legal securities

This is how counter offer works

"If you have an OPSKINS account or BITSKINS you know that you will not risk the reputation of your account or the current amount that you have on BITSKINS & OPSKINS that is worth over 10,000$ & It will take 3 days to cashout, I cant be able to cashout right away if I try to fool or scam some people "

- 3,000+ trades made (more coming) ✔
- 2,400+ Market transaction ✔
- Reputation on Steam Cash thread reputation ✔
- CsgoloungeProfile Trade loungeprofile ✔
- I got lot money on my account its my risk ✔
- Im high level than you are because i do trade alot already ✔
- I have Good and Fair trades done ( i can provide you a proof ) ✔
- My skrill https://gyazo.com/1665004d5f642c6706f3f2827d6f2458


UnionJackFlag:ATM: i have sold for about 5,000 euros worth of keys to people When buying/selling with me you pay the fees that might be on when transacting money.

I pay 85%-90% or overpay but not too much due to i'm selling it for real Cash money here in our place for 5 time overprices for almost any knives, i may say i only pay same prices for some BS knives or Stattrak knives, but normally if the knife is frequently sold on market i pay 95%
I also buy guns for same market price.

When i dont have any items on my inventory meaning (Items are SOLD) I CAN SHOW SCREENS OF EVERY TRADE THAT I DID. ( TRADE HISTORY ) Just be nice and punctual.
I buy knives for decent and appropriate price, I never pay the average market price. I go first only if the seller is trusted.

I don't care if you're black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich or poor. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you.
Why i am doing this rules of trading?
Because i already trolled and lose my money and profit. I bought an item/s like ? M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web (Factory New) and an AWP Dragon Lore and other skins and the traders cancelled the deal after i buy the items he ordered at opskins and when i quicksell the items i was losing 20 - 30% profit. Thats why i made my rules of trading Sorry for that! Hope you understand me. thank you
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