Kevin the Chicken God
A Chicken   Massachusetts, United States
Penetration is Imminent
Resistance is Futile ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I sell hats and hat accessories
2 best things in the world: chickens and Shaquille O'Neal
Unusuals In Order of Ownership (First-Bottom):
GE Outdoorsman
PE One Man Army
Peace Sign Muffs
Screaming Tiger RPS
Burning Veil
Flaming Lantern Veil
Frostbite KE
SBTWC Cold Killer
Time Warp Company Man
Aces High Cotton Head
Blizz Salty Dog
Ghosts Stuntman
Stormy Grenadier's
PE Pompadour
Ghosts Nickel Noble
Hearts Valley Forge
Smoking Guten
DBD Chef Hat
Smoking Ten Gallon
Smoking Spartan
Scorching Dixie
Blizzardy Stash
TF Logo Guadalajara
Cloud 9 Tsarboosh
Stormy Ballcap
Kill-a-Watt Party Phantom
Kill-a-Watt Billycock
Bubbles Billycock
Blizzardy Yellow Belt
Cloud 9 Liquidator's Lid
Vivid Bruce's Bonnet
Miami Razor Cut
DBD Chapeau
Beams Robo-Brigade
Frostbite Capo
Green Energy Stovepipe
Amarathine Billycock
DBD Hoodie
Bubbling Nappers
Smoking Bucket Hat
Ghosts Trilby
DBD Trilby
Vivid Trilby
Searing Trilby
Circling TF Logo Trilby
Blizzardy Trilby
GE Mancer
Lantern Country
DBD Spartan
Ghosts Shako
Steaming Dapper
Planets Brainiac
Beams Trilby
Green Confetti Bonk Boy
Cloud 9 Big Chief
Purple Energy Noble Nickel
Starstorm Insomnia Cotton Head
Scorching Dragonborn
Ghosts Lucha
Isotope Brick House
Steaming Neckwear
Infernal Flames High Five
Ghosts Rotation
Arcana Liquidator's Lid
Black Laminate Karambit
Ghosts Bubble Pipe
Steaming Robo-Modest
DBD Toque
Vivid Gibus
Beams Swagmans
Bubbling Batter's Helmet
Roboactive Sack
Stormy Mongolian
Burning Nappers
PE Larrikin
Holy Grail High Five
Beams Buckaroos
TF Logo Caribbean
Burning Hetman
GE Tyro
Stormy Stetson
GBH Pugilist
Burning Gridiron
Steaming Bucket Hat
KaW Peculiarity
Hearts Nappers
Hearts Bonnet
Vivid Festivizer
Tesla Coil Bandito
Starstorm Slumber Boxcar Bomber
Roboactive Ushanka
Burning Tyrants
Beams Dragonborn
Blizz HWNN
DBD Robo-Bonnet
DBD Kabuto
Skill Gotten Gains Conga
Bubbling Toque
Burning Peacenik
DBD Hermes
Burning Snaggle
DBD Kiss King
Nuts and Bolts Brainiac
Nuts and Bolts Stash
PE Stainless
GE Tricorne
Scorching Crown
Frostbite Snaggle
Ghosts Grimm
Burning Tyrannus
Searing Hazmat
Poisoned Maddendoktor
P. Fetti Fortunate
DP Spook Specs
Neutron Star KE
Knifestorm Bomber's Bucket
Miami BoA
Chrio Bunsen
Flies Rack
Beams Attendant
Smoking Reggae
Burning Tavish Crown
Burning Rifleman
Blizz Raincatcher
Dead Presidents Mountain Cap
Bubbling Hallmark
Smoking Glided Guard
Miami Hive Minder
Ether Trail Hellmet
DBD Sultan's
Stormy Big Country
Searing Mullet
Dead Presidents Spartan
Purple Energy Luchadore
Hearts Pickelhaube
Beams Hotrod
Stattrak Slaughter Bowie Knife
Burning Hotrod
Circling Hearts HWNN
Circling Hearts Law
Cloudy Moon Dapper's
Eldritch Pullover
Strange Blizz Bonk Boy
Frostbite Viewfinder
Burning Sole Mate
Nebula Translator
Secret Ketche
Green Energy Tricorne
Magnetic Hat Protector Phononaut
C. Bubbles Norman
Haunted Phantasm Buy a Life
Searing Plasma Fuka
PE Fez
Holy Grail Party Trick
Miami Merc's Mohawk
Knifestorm Shaman
'72 Results Are In
Energy Orb Night Owl
Mega Strike Deep Fried Desire
Isotope Flower Power
Isotope Blue Mew
Blizzardy Storm Jefe
Secret to Everybody Data Mining Light
Hellfire Data Mining Light
Sunbeams Hat to Kill For
Sunbeams Carouser's Capotain
Steaming Rubber Glove
P. Fetti Napper's
Searing Pompadour
Circling Hearts Danger
Midnight Whirlwind Conga
Vivid Conqueror
Ghosts Hallmark
Flies Crone's Dome
Flies Cold Killer
DBD Robo-Capotain
Hot Strange Festive Flower Power
Purple Energy Hat to Kill For
Circling TF Logo Hard Counter
Smoking Hermes
Vivid Crocleather
Steaming Pyromancer
Massed Flies Topi
Circling Hearts Topi
Power Surge Bonk Boy
Strange Cool Masked Mender
Stormy Hallmark
Ancient Codex Translator
Bubbling Hermes
Strange Hot Masked Mender
Vivid Dapper
Nuts Big Country
Scorching Brain Bowl
Burning Cosa
Roboactive Toque
P. Fetti Modest
Steaming Physicians
Logo Spartan
Peace Honcho's
Vivid Festivizer
Terror Watt Jeepcap
Terror Watt Bonnet
Misty Trilb
Hearts Dread
'72 I See You
Vivid Bonnet
Frostbite War Pig
Stormy Brainiac
DBD Bonnet
Bubbling FFF
Silver Cyclone I See You
Hearts Noble
Ghosts Rack
GE Hotrod
Cloudy Moon HWNN
Terror Watt Stovepipe
Molten Mallard Stovepipe
Purple Energy Salty Dog
Midnight Whirlwind RPS
Vivid Plasma Rag
Circling Hearts Milkman
Power Surge Bonk Helm
Time Warp Mohawk
Hot Widowmaker SMG
Burning Bombing Run
G. Fetti Ballcap
Amarathine Shaman
PE Raincatcher
Nuts Cannonball
C. Bubbles Grimm
Secret Brigade
Smoking YWN
Orbiting Fire Mulllet
Kill a Watt Pom
Aces Harmburg
Stormy Timeless Topper
Terror Watt Hetman's
Hearts Tossle
Hearts Grimm
Beams Nagen
Death at Dusk Guten
Hearts Batter's
Lantern Fuka
Scorching Merry
Peace Sign Bonk Helm
Hot Backwoods
Mallard Deep Cover
Flies Football
C9 Chieftain's
Smoking Ketche
Bubbling Geezer
C9 Letch's
Smoking Trilby
DBD Bandana
Nutz Snaggle
Orbiting Planets Bomber
TF Logo Tam
DBD Whoopee Cap
Ghosts Bonk Helm
EOF Noble
Peace Sign Caribbean
Stormy VRH
Ghosts Sober
Planets Beanie
Orb Fire Tungsten
Nutz Voodoo Juju
Nutz Old Guad
Hearts Heers Helmet
GBH Private Eye
13th Hour Fruit Shoot
Burning Fruit Shoot
Memory Leak Coupe
Burning Fruit Shoot
Scorching Fruit Shoot
Purple Energy Fruit Shoot
Scorching Glengarry
Nutz Birdcage
Steaming Napper's
Blizz Headsplitter
Mallard Merc's Mohawk
Planets Lucky Shot
Aces VRH
Stormy Crocleather
Scorching Elfin
P. Fetti Glengarry
Death at Dusk Bonk Boy
Ghosts War Pig
DBD Toy Soldier
DBD Hotrod
G. Fetti Whoopee
Flies Hallmark
KaW Softcap
C9 Mongolian
C9 Stovepipe
Stormy Noble
Logo Bubble Pipe
Smoking Gibus
Cloud 9 Stovepipe
Logo SnS
Bubbles Trophy Belt
Blizz Engy Cap
Planets Billycock
Planets Gonzila
Stormy Bonk Helm
Eerie Orbiting Fire Pith
Blizz Hive Minder
Bubbles Norman
Blizz Tossle
Smoking Company Man
Hearts Buckaroos
Aces Tartan Spartan
Nutz Bullet Buzz
Time Warp Topi
Planets Stovepipe
Planets Pickelhaube
Aces Buckaroos
Miami Coppers
Stormy Prancers
Cloud 9 Cannonball
Steaming War Pig
Planets Coupe
Flies OMA
Nutz Stovepipe
Logo HWNN <--- RIP Sandu
Beams Jeepcap
Green Energy StovePipe
Scorching Birdcage
Bubbles Capotain
Steaming Pickel
Purple Energy Coupe
Dead Pres Menco
Scorching Ketche
Planets Pickel
Smoking Mullet
Blizz Sober
Nutz Bolted Birdcage
Planets Private Eye
Stormy Toque
Miami Outdoorsman
Nutz Noble Nickel
Anti-Freeze Hat of Cards
Smoking Beret
TF Logo Pom Pom
Cauldron Bubbles Hotrod
Smoking Honchos
KaW Scotch Bonnet
Burning Mullet
Ghosts Headwarmer
Harvest Trilby
Gifted Demonflame Ubersternmann
Orb Fire Gonzila
Nutz Tyrannus' (8 as of now)
Planets Glove
Stormy Hotdogger
Knifestorm Stovepipe
C. Bubbles Ushanka
Stormy Brainiac
Planets Nappers
Dead Pres Noir
Vivid Prancers
Roboactive Ketche
Terror Hottie's
Miami Ketche
Burning Stately
Stormy Brigade
Ghosts Fed Fightin
Misty Tam
Searing Trophy
C9 FR-0
Miami Spartan
Ghosts Crocleather
Burning Topi
Blizzy Veil
Misty Skull Bubble Pipe
Miami Milkman
Searing Cold Killer
Sulph Titanium Tower
Demonflame Cold Killer
Aces Gibus
Hearts Glengarry Bonnet
Hearts Bonk Helm
PE Honchos
Ghosts Country
Blizzardy Company Man
Bubbling Armored Authority
Hearts Fez
Terror-Watt Dead Cone
Misty Nappers
Cloud 9 Magistrates
Hearts Magistrate's
G. Fetti Copper's
G. Fetti Stuntsman
Stormy Football Helm
Blizzardy Copper's
Stormy Storm Salty Dog
13th Hour Ketche w/ Chromatic Corruption
Stormy Storm Slope Scopers
Cauldron Bubbles Stainless Pot
Sulphurous Soldered Sensei
Nutz Big Country
Orb. Fire Merryweather
P. Energy Sober Stuntsman
Ghosts Batters Helm
Roboactive Liquidator’s Lid
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u still buying sniper unusuals? if so plz friend me and if not plz comment on my profile u wont
Hi there fellow key swapper, if you are interested in swapping your tf2/csgo keys, I have a 24/7 bot for you to try! Please let me know of your experience, and suggestions for improvement. Thanks!
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I'm interested in buying out your billycock for 12 keys.