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Gibus Players
A mythical creature originated from the Planet Team Fortress 2, Gibus Godland. Although being rated having the worst player in the Planet, Gibus Godland have been proven to make new players or noob players become one of the Elite. As you start your adventure in the Planet Team Fortress 2, you will always start off being in your homeland, Gibus Godlands. You may experience fellow seniors or enemy disrespecting our fellow colonies, BUT you should take insults as improvement to be the Elites. Some may not remember, some will not agree and some will hate on, but we all must agree that we came from the Gibus Godlands. The land of Gibus Players.

I hate most Pinoys They shitter than thai players

Muscle memory is a process being repeated until you get it in your mind. Dont ever give up

Put time and dedication into something you want and you will achieve it

3500 hours in tf2 and im still so fucking noob

I tend to get triggered really easily when i lose to cheaters or cheapers or egoistic people. When i do either i rage or rekt you without mercy
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-Unbox an unusual from any crates
-Obtain an australium through any methods possible (not scamming)
-Become a division 1 player in TF2
-Become 2k eloed mge player
-Reach gold nova master in csgo
-Max severed head (pls donet this to me :D)
-Australium RL and Sniper Rifle
-Be respected in pugs
-Get gamesense for competitive

-I shall rekt all haters. ( yes re tracks/alekz im gonna rise and rekt u)
-Fuck you whoever lied to me You should know yourself better fuckers
-If you feel like you suck at games, think again because i played tf2 for 5 years and I didn't get to become the good sniper that I wanted.

Teams 6s
MenIS (Men In Sunglasses) [Disbanded]
AntiToxin [Sub Roamer] [Kicked/Quit]
The Salmon Dudes [Main Roamer] (First ever team to accept my lack of gamesense)

Gifts I received
Sorry if i forgotten any gifts that you gave me | Thanks alot anyways :D
Backgrounds and Emoticons - [Shogun]Akagumo
Lvl 100 Chronomancer - Voltix
Premium TF2 - RealRanick121
Some reskins for TF2 - Jet
Coldsnap Cap for Alt - Sheii/Fush Whoever bought me this hat thanks
Ghastly Gibus since 2012 - GabeN himself
4 reskins TF2, S.KS.Sydney.S, S.PainTrain, Dueling M - [ShSh]Timedragon
1 ref, KS.S.Rifle - Cusefire
18 craft weps - Cyan
Awesome Poster - FlyingShawarmaGuy

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3,725 hrs on record
last played on May 26
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last played on May 24
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last played on May 23
SALDS jub May 13 @ 4:57am 
scrim is starting
SALDS jub May 13 @ 4:57am 
Cyan May 11 @ 5:33pm 
No idea
NOOB | Gibus Oni May 10 @ 11:16pm 
the answer is 41-x³-xy²-y. Pls check and tell me if im right or wrong
Cyan May 10 @ 8:15pm 
5²+4²-(x³+xy²+y)=Math Sucks ass
FlyingShawarmaGuy Apr 20 @ 8:33pm 
I don't even know why and how. :(