Liam   Texas, United States
If you are seeing this it is probaly due to me adding you since you are a good teammate or a player games i play a lot are TF2 DOOM 2016 as well as the classic dooms

i can make maps for both source and goldsource
i am a inexperianced maper though
games i play Sven Coop Doom Half-Life franshise TF2 Black Mesa Source
I am fairly tech competent in regaurds to a average (L)user and know how to set up a dedicated server and often will but it is countered by my terrible internet again not completly atrocious but not decent by a long shot
i will only accept invites that are level 2 or above
if i am online nad dont respond i am likely AFK or sleeping
profile has to be public
if you are a friend of mine irl tell me your name
if you want to quick add me go ahead but i may or may not accept right away
also i love to mess with people and play pranks
i got a aussie force of nature first tour! ON 4/23/15
trade link
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