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Aug 22 @ 9:24pm
In topic Giving Away two free copies
Originally posted by L 9!:
Originally posted by AuZiE:
shark bait
ok kool i will add you as a friend so i can send it
Thanks mate, i just added you just now.
Aug 22 @ 9:19pm
In topic Giving Away two free copies
shark bait
Jun 29 @ 7:29pm
In topic Crash to desktop after intro movies
It's okay. Thanks though. Looks like I'll deal with it I guess.
Jun 29 @ 7:24pm
In topic Tech help
All drivers are up to date. Didn't do the trick unfortunately.
Jun 29 @ 7:23pm
In topic Crash to desktop after intro movies
But I always install in my main drive (Drive C right?). I never install in an external drive.
Jun 26 @ 9:10pm
In topic Crash to desktop after intro movies
Same for me also. Crashes as soon as you start it. It's a shame since I really wanted to play.
Jun 26 @ 9:08pm
In topic Tech help
I have the same issue also. When I run the game it goes black then after 1 second it crashes to desktop.
Mar 2 @ 4:10pm
In topic wont work offline?
I'm having the same issue also. Hope someone would fix this issue.
Feb 7 @ 11:23pm
In topic Fatal crash when doing an alt-tab
alt-tab on this game actually makes my laptop go haywire. By haywire I mean the colors are all messed up even on my desktop screen, then after 3 seconds it crashed. Well, crash might be an understatement, it didnt go to a blue screen or black screen, it just literally lost power, like "pulling the plug" kind of crash.

After that my laptop literally cant turn on for more than 10 seconds. Starting....OFF...

After 5 failed startups, I did a check with that F12 at the startup but couldn't find anything, after rebooting it just startup normally like nothing happened.

I just uninstalled the game fearing that it would corrupt some of my files. Hope this would help the dev regarding this issue
Jan 15 @ 8:50pm
In topic Community Mod Extravaganza
Our Savior! I'm gonna buy the game if it's complete. Power to you my friend
Nov 13, 2016 @ 5:38pm
In topic Can't enter to the game
I tried verifying the integrity of the game cache but still it didn't fix the problem. I want to play it so bad. Still waiting for a solution

EDIT: sorry, my bad, it actually fixes the problem right after restarting the computer. THANKS!
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