Ggthb   Sachsen, Germany
I Draw random stuff and watch anime and game

Neptunia Series 4 Ever!, Love plutie

Current setup:
i5-3350p @ 3,1 ghz (4 cores)
FXF Vega 64 8gb
2x8 gb DDR3 Ram, 2x 4GB DDR 3 Ram
Windows 8.1
250GB Samsung 850 EVO
2x 1 TB WD Blue 7,1K RPM
1x Toshiba 500 GB 5,4k RPM
Corsair 80+ Bronze 650X
Bluetooth headset worth 100$
10€ Bluetooth Mice
Xbox 360 Controller for PC
URage Exodus Keyboard
144hz 1080p Asus Predator GL
Sharkoon VG5-W Case
Geetech prusa i3 pro b - 3d printer
30m CAT Cable and like 10 more CAT cables which i dont need
2x 300W Power supply from old builds
Raspberry Pi 3b
2 Spare monitors
3 Spare Cases
2 Spare DVD Rewritable Hardware
Tons of boxes (why do i keep theise?)
Alot of cables i don´t know where it belongs to
Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Gamecube, Gameboys, PSMove, Xbox Move stuff
40W Fan for hot summer days
Multiple spare headsets, mices, SD cards, HD Camera

= I repair and assembly everything myself =

Below links to my youtube and other stuff

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Have a good weekend and have fun friend! <3
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we need to do sum dota 2gether sometime dood
Mammut Aug 24 @ 6:37am 
Great trader! Fast and nice! +++rep
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