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If you see me play a different game, please dont message me. I am off duty on Anoma. UNLESS it's important, please message me

I am a proud member/admin on AnomaGaming !
If you wish to sign up , sign up here! <3

I am also a mod for Hayden's Stream (he's my daddy too) !

DO NOT ADD ME IF YOU JUST WANT FREE LOOT ON UNTURNED... if you do ask me , I will give you a warning. Second time I warn you, it will be a one week ban.

If you have any problem , please do leave me a comment ! Thanks for reading <3

Nate is my baby brother <3
Day I got admin : 10/29
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Carrot 21 hours ago 
Excuse me trolled, i donated on Anoma Servers and bought the diamond rank, when will i get it?
Koompa Jan 11 @ 2:21pm 
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Koompa Jan 7 @ 2:19pm 
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TwoFool: WINFORTUNE.CO Jan 7 @ 6:06am 
Xd love u daddy
Koompa Dec 16, 2016 @ 12:57pm 
im like a gamer muslim girl and like evry time i play roblox (its a rreal game shut up) everyone is like "show me ur tits" or "allahu akbar!!" but like i dont even kno what either of those mean (like wat???) but those arnt even the worst ones like they sometime say thing like "go back to isis" like thats very rude like my uncle is in isis and like i already visited him like a month ago so like why would i go again (like wat????) and like isis is pretty cool actually so like why do people ahte it?? also like when i play call of duty (im only 12 and my mom dosnt let me play im such a rebel XDD) ppl tell me to like turn off my voice changr and its like its my real voice how can i change it (like wat??) and lik they aslo say like "trump will kik you out" but like i support donald trump so like why would he kick me out (like wat??) anyway like it sucks to be a gamer muslim girl
Koompa Dec 14, 2016 @ 12:22pm 
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