Kazooie (Gent)
Aaron   Devon, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful, no...
Hate me 'cause I'm better than you!


'Evil never sleeps; it only snoozes'
- Monita, NintendoLand

'Being correct does not excuse a violation of form'
- Doctor Mallard, NCIS

'Black-hearted evil, brave-hearted hero,
I am all I am... all of me'
- Crush 40, Shadow The Hedgehog

'And my name's not Slick. It's ZoidBerg.
- Zoidberg, Futurama

'Shame on you! Ugly baby judges you!'
- Ross Geller, Friends

- Malaclypse the younger, Principia Discordia

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This reminds me of a puzzle...
So, someone's impersonating me. http://backpack.tf/trust/76561198161187856
The real me will be level 13.
Hahahahahah copy that you dittoing bitch



Chasy: In a dark alleyway, you try to solve a puzzle in the newspaper and fail. The wind blows away said paper, and you turn left. There, at the other side of the alley, under a flickering lightbulb he stands. He looks at you, and you hear a calm voice, "You lose more.."- The light bulb flickers and then breaks, a wave of cold air flows against you; a chill down your spine; your senses are hightened. Your heartbeat increases - "Than picarats."
Gentlayton ♥: ...Oh my god, I need that on my profile, right now XD

Who I am
Nice to meetcha! Not much to tell, really, I'm Aaron, I'm 20, I study history at Cardiff University, I do stand-up comedy (Please ask, it's fabulous for my ego) and I draw, sometimes. I'm also a fairly experienced suggester over at backpack.tf, so if you need anything updating, gimme a bell.
This is what a me looks like [puu.sh]

Gent's Key
Online: ...Seriously? Don't be daft. Come talk to me, that's probably all I'm doing anyway X3
Away/Busy: Interchangable, usually mean I'll either be slow or not around at all. Leave me a meesage and I'll get back to you. This most likely happens if I check steam on my phone in college.
Offline: Most likely? Asleep X3
I also use emotes, like, at the end of every sentence, so I'd better explain those too :3
:P - Playful smile. Also interpretable as cheeky.
:3 - Genuine smile
XD - Sakurai: *Laughs*
X3 - Proper, like, full-out 'I-need-air' laughter. Nice one :P
I'm also a user of the *action*s, with *scribbles* being my most common one, me pretending to take notes. Usually pretending, anyway XD

Top ten favourite video-games (That pretty much gives away my taste)
1. Spyro the Dragon (The original, not this new-age LoTR crap. That theme is also THE most nostalgic sound in the world to me X3)
2. Team Fortress 2
3. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
4. Bioshock Infinite
5. Jet Set Radio
6. Pokemon Red (SECOND most nostalgia sound in the world ;3)
7. Cave Story
8. TLoZ: Wind Waker
9. Crash Team Racing
10. Ghost Trick
I listen to a lot of stuff, but there's a genre somewhere between Jazz and Funk I'd indentify as my favourite. It's kinda hard to nail down with giving examples, so, uh:
Fulbright Theme
Super Mario 3D World Bowser Theme
Just Like You, by Sprocket
Magnificent FunkBlaster 6000, by Ponice
But I also love Punk, and Rock, and shades of metal (nothing too heavy).

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gent is still a butt.
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Where'd ya been old chap
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Hey man! We haven't talked in a while. We should catch up!
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Miss ya man, come back sometime soon. Kay?~
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+ rep good man helped me make a suggestion this man is a true gent.