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Liam Davies   Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Fuck off with your "since you are marked i need a 50% discount", I will sell for a normal discount, if you cannot comply you are more than welcome to leave me instead of wasting both of our time, thanks


Thanks to $uicide for giving me his items!

eat pussy on the first date, then brush my teeth with colgate, ahhh
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AlmdudlerKing | stn.tf 15 jan om 10:28vm 
congrats bruh
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+rep huge faggot
S> Unus PURE/AUS Only 8 jan om 11:10vm 
thx man :D
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+rep good bin weevils player
AlmdudlerKing | stn.tf 8 jan om 10:38vm 
+rep sorry for loosing so much :(
Lmfao -rep running away with the items I scammed