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Dimitri Kösty Aug 16 @ 6:21am 
Alessia #notalessia Aug 14 @ 5:22pm 
tehlimey Aug 4 @ 5:06pm 
+rep u scared me!
Gank★ Aug 3 @ 8:49am 
Don't worry about my friends list i can build it back to 1K+ in a blink of an eye lmao.
What's the point having all those people in my list, occupying the friends slot and forcing me to spend more money on trading cards to level up instead of buying games?
Domojaxx Aug 3 @ 8:40am 
You not differentiating your "friends" like that has dissapointed me. Not posting about it in your activity wall for that and just straight removing people disappoints me too and I don't understand it, but you are free to do what you like. And no - you don't get more or less invites who just stay in your list for no reason, because you have less friends - it is actually inconsistent and can get 40 invites per day or 3 - speaking from experience and from what I have discussed with friends. Shame, and I thought you are cool. I admit we didn't talk much and that I rarely have time to talk a lot with friends here, but I don't think I will add you back.
Gank★ Aug 3 @ 8:35am 
It seems that i get less friend requests if i have less friends, and i must admit i had a lot of those randoms who just want to be friends and not saying a word. I want to be selective with my friends list this time again even though i might have deleted some of the good ones too.
You can add me back if you liked being friends before and if you still want us to be friends.