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RoR [exams] Feb 7 @ 10:04pm 
It sure makes me have a clearer idea of what do I have to aim for, thanks a lot for your help!
- ̗̀fuzzymellow ̖́- Feb 7 @ 9:57pm 
Hey RoR!

Thank you so much! There's a lot of studying at how Valve does their own paintovers with their SFM shots as seen in their update webpages, etc, even looking at their original concept art for the game helps you give a feel for what type of painting style you should go for when attempting these things. You don't want it too painterly, or else it'll stick out/conflict with sfm/source engine lighting and you'll get mixed results. It takes awhile for this process to start feeling natural! A good in-between is where the "look" fits in!

I personally use a mixture of Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop to get the results desired, but it takes time and patience, for sure. One of these days I'll have to do a visual tutorial on how my process goes (words can only do so much!), my process is messy though!

Sorry if this isn't the greatest answer, but when I can I'll definitely try to make a step-by-step guide in the future! I hope this helps, even just a little bit!
RoR [exams] Feb 7 @ 9:01pm 
'Ello, I got sent here by the lovely iiboharz concerning the amazing editing of the tf2maps Winter Jam promotional poster. I'm interested in knowing about the editing process that you went through to achieve such nice results, what program do you use to make it so and such. Thanks in advance, and sorry if I bothered you with my question!
☸R☆b☯t λgent🌙 Jan 20 @ 3:01pm 
Thank you
- ̗̀fuzzymellow ̖́- Jan 20 @ 2:32pm 
@Robot Agent: You got it! We give all the medals out by hand so we sometimes accidentally miss a few here and there, so thanks for letting us know. It might take a bit for it to appear in your inventory once we do our magic, but it'll be there soon, I promise you! Thanks again for the heads up!
☸R☆b☯t λgent🌙 Jan 20 @ 12:36pm 
It seems that I have not recieved my snowflake, can you please look into it? Would be appriciated