i play overwatch now
wax: where is his accent lol
piro: where is his skill lol

currently playing for silver team beenest
can merc pyro silver / gold, mid / high

for anyone wondering:
flare gun [] degreaser []

piro: lets pick mill for fun
wax: i dont have fun
georgie: thats true
georgie: all she has is yogurt
wax: i only have misery and bitterness
yaynos: and yogurt
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dum shit
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UGC Steel S18 HL Participant (Kenjataimu)
UGC Steel S19 HL 1st Place (Frog Village)
UGC Steel S20 HL 1st Place (Beenest)
UGC Silver S21 HL 3rd Place (Beenest)
ETF2L Open 6v6 Participant (Leksa)

bday gift from turtlebyte :> []


Ethrl #Quest4Ass: hey my name is georgie and i am a pyro main
Ethrl #Quest4Ass: and my mom dropped me when i was a child

clickheadsman : pyro main got a tumor in his head

Plesiar : wow nice airblast scripts georgie
Plesiar : prepare to get vacced and lose that shitty unu kid

[TF2 <3] livid pinecone: death to all pyro mains

Dreamcat: georgie you make me sad

Supergeek: what's with this pyro? lol
Supergeek: is he trying to prove something

meme: georgie makes me want to kill myself

ГАРДАН ФРИМАН : georgi cant play any class
*DEAD* georgie : i can play 1 class
ГАРДАН ФРИМАН : but he noob at it

SHKscotland : geordie i take it you went on a bot server to get kills on your degreaser
NoodlesTheThird | SFM Posters : he's just good man
w0tnez : no hes not georgie has wallhack

fluffle pilow XYX2020 : lemme be the first to say ur better than muselk at aiblasting i know this because i was against him as soldier in his server


georgie: dude
georgie: this is too hard for my tiny brain
swimming pools: yea im confused as well
swimming pools: dude we might both be retarded as fuck

georgie lft: Why can't my dad support my video game career :(
pootiswarriorxtreme: bcause ur a fucking pyro main LUL I made coleslaw and it's dope

Huskey: I AM LOSING MY Barbles

turtlebyte_: ddddddrop the daniel
turtlebyte_: see what i did there
georgie: no
turtlebyte_: i replaced base with daniel
turtlebyte_: like when they say ddddddrop the base
georgie: i dont get it
turtlebyte_: but i said daniel
turtlebyte_: like ddddddrop the daniel
turtlebyte_: like base
turtlebyte_: like dddddrop the bas
turtlebyte_: e
georgie: whos daniel
turtlebyte_: but with daniel
georgie: whats base
turtlebyte_: idk
turtlebyte_: im going for tea

Rustled Jimmies: why are you such a tryharding bean lover

rose: i remember reading they make all their music (death grips) inspired by fucked up shit that happens in the city they lived in at one point
rose: like some dude jumped in front of a train and they were like "that's metal"
small dick big heart: they were eating some really bad asian food that gave one guy food poisoning and the meal was called takyon or something
rose: that's so good
rose: it's so good
rose: i mean, the concept of a song like that being named after shitty asian food
small dick big heart: i mean thats pretty much what the beatles did
rose: yeah but who listened to the beatles
small dick big heart: thats tru i dont even know what i just said i just put some random letters together
rose: i never even heard of these beetles
rose: you can't even hear their music, they're so small

hermitude: the world is your oyster
turtlebyte_: mm oysters
turtlebyte_: hungry now
turtlebyte_: u fucker
turtlebyte_: u did this to me
hermitude: FOR OYSTERS
turtlebyte_: for food
turtlebyte_: i have a broad mind
turtlebyte_: food is food
hermitude: would you like mayonnaise on oysters
hermitude: is that a thing you might like
turtlebyte_: actually
turtlebyte_: i dont see why not
turtlebyte_: yeah sure
hermitude: what the fuck is wrong with you
turtlebyte_: dude
turtlebyte_: mayo
turtlebyte_: is life
turtlebyte_: i have mayo with cereal
turtlebyte_: mayo is the best
hermitude: you dont have mayo with cereal
hermitude: get our
turtlebyte_: mayo is why i get out of bed in the morning
hermitude: go back to bed

Roobint: wtf you doing pyro and med?
Dilski LFP Heavy: we were lost
georgie: we were lost

turtlebyte_: haha
turtlebyte_: okay i'm glad that's over
georgie: oh yea actually i main demo now ://
turtlebyte_: fuckyou i hate u unfriended bye faggot
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I like your pyro set :)
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best iv seen...and iv played 200 hours of dodgeball...wew
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not bady pyro tho :3
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what an edgy name ma man
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American/australian living in europe who is actually from africa with asian origins and has fought countless battles in slav nations