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Scout main lmao
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YefaM [etf2l.org]
Season 28: currently playing (Mid division)
Season 27: 14th Place (Low division)

SICK LAUGHTER [etf2l.org]
Season 27: 23rd Place (Low division)

Trench Coat Mafia [etf2l.org]
Season 26: Playoffs RO16 (Open division)
Season 26: 14th Place (Open divsion)

Sexy Voice Squad [etf2l.org]
Pre-Season 26: 3rd (Mid division)

Atmos [etf2l.org]
Season 25: 50th Place (Open division)

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Cheddzy Oct 8 @ 10:49am 
best hud ive used in a while, might stay with it, thanks fstiv
nanami Oct 8 @ 7:30am 
congratulations on igniting 5 enemies carrying your intelligence
Nostalgia Oct 1 @ 8:52pm 
J. Sep 29 @ 2:17pm 
Did you ever like, went on a porn site, chose a video with a fine piece of ass in it, and instead of beating your meat you look at the ads around and you notice these adds for a premium porn site, you know, those with a robber in it and shit, and you start wondering so many things like, how did the robber got in the house during daytime? Why isnt the wife calling the cops instead of licking the robber's balls? how can the husband not notice that his wife is getting pounded just behind that door? and why the fuck is he joining in for a 3some? Like if it was my wife I'd kill both of em and call for self-defense. Well at least you can jack off to those adds and still get a good wank cuz the wives are usually pretty hot so thats ok I guess
💀 /BECKERbr 💀 Sep 19 @ 2:19pm 
Hey bud. I have download and installed your latest hud. It would be really nice if you enable ranks on the TAB and friends. I've played with friends and i like the icon that show how is friend or not and theyr ranks. tks
k1ra Sep 18 @ 12:11am 
I just wanna thank you for your hard work. I will proudly use your HUD to it's fullest.
had a lot of HUDs in the past, but this, Sir, is the most nicest I have ever seen. Thanks :))