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Batteries Not Included, Ladies!
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One of the best puzzle games on Steam and an awesome tribute to all things Horror for fans of the genre.

Featuring references to just about every horror film ever, the game is an addictive mix of sliding along a playing field to kill innocent campers, avoid cops, and sidestep traps, fires, and lakes.

What other game on Steam allows you to not only play as a killer snowman but also Jimsaw and the awesome Mary from American Mary? Collecting your psuedo-Pokedex of various killers is almost more fun than the actual gameplay as you see what characters the creators are paying tribute to and including. Add to this the developers' continued support for the game including the Monthly Murderer newsletter that includes a new playable killer kode every month and you have one amazing tribute to the genre and all things goofy, offbeat, or outright wrong that fans should love.
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