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So, you have somehow managed to stumble upon my profile. No, there is nothing wrong with that.

Lets chat, do submit a comment as to why you need me first, tho.
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Tiny bit if info
About me

I am currently 23 years old. Have a bachelors degree in programming.

I am proficient in lua, PHP, Java, C++, SQL, HTML, CSS3. I also have some experience dealing with quite a few other programming languages.

I DO NOT SPEAK FRENCH. Really, random french people adding me and assuming I will simply answer to them in fluent French is absurd. I speak Lithuanian (my native language), English, tiny tiny bit of Russian and German.

Most will say I'm a friendly chap. I do like to chat once in a while. You'll have to find that out for yourselves.

Friend list information

As noted before, I do accept just about anybody. But please do leave a comment stating why you wish to add me. It helps out with priorities. I get around 5-10 new people add me a day. So there might be abit of a waiting list for your invite to get accepted.

Having this in mind. I do have to remove quite a lot of people regularly. I remove people I havent talked to in months/years or the ones I simply can not recognise from their completely unrelated nick names (why on earth would you do that?).

If I have accidentally removed you, was not personal, sorry about that

VCMod history

VCMod website [] Pretty useless now, will get updated pretty often, tho.

VCMod first started as a tiny script to hook trailers to trucks (something that has never been done before at that time) in Master Chris's vehicles. This was back in around 2008-2009. Then things simply got improved over time, added new features and it grew rapidly.

At some point the vehicle developer group I was in has split. And I was left on my own. Lost interest in it for quite a while. All development was dead. When I've decided to get back to it (2010 I think). I've started making "VCMod2" instead of updating the older versions. It needed a fresh start.

VCMod2 is currently my sandbox. Parts of VCMod2 integrated into VCMod public addons, but around 75-80% of its features still remain hidden. Only 5 people in total have every used VCMod2.

Then one day I've noticed a fellow developer called "Inaki". Him helping me with models, ideas we created some amazing things, which are still in VCMod2, although broken abit. VC2's development continued on/off for years.

Decision to sell VCMod

Few things have gone very wrong in my life. My mother was a taking care of me on her own since forever. We were already in debt after my 6 months in the hospital. I had finished highschool, but there was simply no money for me to study further.

So, remember the old VCMod1, which was abbandoned years ago? I have fixed that up and tried my luck at selling it. Little did I know of that in a few years times span it would had changed my life so much. You can read in more detail here [].

VCMod 2 does not have an ETA, stop asking.

Known VCMod addons

VCMod Main: ScriptFodder []
VCMod ELS: ScriptFodder []
VCMod Handling Editor: Steam Workshop
VCMod Extra: Comming soon to workshop near you
VCMod Core (name pending)
VCMod 2 (never been public, no one outside of a group of 3 people has it)
Screenshot Showcase
VCMod Visual Overhaul: Recharge station, fuel price board.
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[PSQ] TheRedPhynix Jun 20 @ 8:58am 
I have an Question with what can i pay VCMod? i dont have paypal (sry for my bad english im from Germany)
ACE WAVY Jun 19 @ 6:37pm 
I would just like to chat :)
i love dicks Jun 19 @ 10:15am 
Hi i'd need some help due to some reason i can't pay for your addon... wallet is correct i need a little assistance.
[ASG] Falcon Jun 18 @ 5:44pm 
Adding for vcmod small and simple suggestion
MAX-I-PAD Jun 18 @ 9:54am 
I need to talk to you about my VCMod plz dont block me.
obantr Sonsuz Aşk Mutluluk Jun 18 @ 3:45am 
I need to fix my Vcmod errors can we talk?