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Please try not to add me, send a trade offer instead.
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Please try not to add me, send a trade offer instead [⇄].
If you MUST add me, leave a comment with as much detail as possible.
Make Sure You Are Not Trading With an Impersonator!!
If someone who appears to be me sends you a friend request with intentions of trading you, be VERY CAREFUL! It's almost definitely an impersonator/scammer . They have the same name, profile picture, and a similar looking profile to mine. They will most likely be adding you for some sort of cash trade/OP SKINS trade or a trade in which you have to give them your items FIRST. I almost never send out friend requests to trade. I only respond to friend invites that I receive. I also never link people to my profile or trust/cash rep unless they ask. Even if you're 100% sure you are trading me, go through these verification steps below one more time!

5,100+ hours in Dota 2 (Best verification method. Not easily duplicated by impersonators)
4,000+ Profile comments that will always be PUBLIC and never Private!
327 hrs on TF2 last played 6th Jun
867 hrs on CSGO last played 24 Jun
21 Games
Level 53 Steam Profile (easily duplicated by impersonator)
5 Years of service badge (also easily duplicated)

If any of these don't add up, then you're most certainly dealing with a SCAMMER/IMPERSONATOR! You should block and remove them immediately.

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5,851 hrs on record
last played on Sep 18
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867 hrs on record
last played on Sep 11
329 hrs on record
last played on Sep 7
No probs mate, thanks for being reasonably fast in responding, nothing worse than waiting hours!
Kamix 2 hours ago 
Ayy mate. just wanted to tell you that this guy impersonated you, and Even admited it.
I'm sure you're aware, but you have yet another impersonator going around
Kubit♥ 12 hours ago 
Oops I sent you the wrong amount.
Kubit♥ 12 hours ago 
i sent an offer on your molten mallard team captain
Cameron 14 hours ago 
Added to sell some keys.